10 Guaranteed Speed Dating Tips for Men

By 20 February, 2016 Advice for Men, Blog
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Guys if you want the EASIEST way to meet beautiful women – speed dating IS the ANSWER!

Yes, SPEED DATING! Speed dating attracts gorgeous women who are frustrated by not meeting great guys in their day-to-day lives! Perth is described as the hardest place to meet singles. From my coaching experience I know guys feel more comfortable doing online dating; as they feel there is less chance of rejection (which is their number one fear). However, it is difficult to meet quality women online. Why? Because women get overwhelmed by male contact! Speed dating is the OPPOSITE!

Guys I want you to be successful speed dating to help all of my gorgeous female clients. Here are my top 10 tips:

  1. When you sit down to talk to a girl – look her in the eyes, say hello and smile. Don’t be so consumed with filling in your sheet that you forget you are there to meet women!
  2. Don’t get up the minute the bell rings. It gives the impression you didn’t enjoy talking to her. Some guys literally stop mid-sentence. Let her finish what she is saying make eye contact and say it was nice to meet her. But make sure you don’t sit longer as it makes it awkward for everyone else.
  3. Tone of voice MATTERS! Talking in a monotone voice is a deal breaker. Vary your tone and the speed you talk.
  4. Body language matters. Mirroring the person’s body language builds connection. Make sure you have good posture but also lean in to show interest. Most of all make eye contact.
  5. What you wear matters! Women make an effort to impress – so should you. You get one chance to make a first impression – make it work in your favour. I won’t repeat my advice on what to wear but you can read them in Guys 15 Tips to Look Sexier for Women. At my last speed dating event I was horrified at what some guys chose to wear. Denim shorts with black running shoes and socks (no matter how hot the weather is) will never impress women!
  6. I know I am giving you a list of tips but don’t get so caught up in what you should or shouldn’t say. Being worried you might say the wrong thing leads to saying the wrong thing! If you are uncomfortable, you will make the women feel uncomfortable. Take the pressure off the ‘outcome’ and enjoy the conversation. Women want a guy who can handle anything and don’t get your inability to talk to them! Have fun. Women love someone who is mischievous, teasing and who makes them laugh. Don’t take it all too seriously.
  7. Know what to talk about. Women don’t want a guy who has no interests or life! If you don’t have any interests go out and get some! Stand out from the guys who have boring conversations. Work on some great questions and have something to say when asked what you like to do in your spare time. Think funny news stories and weave these into the conversation.   You could say ‘I am sure you have told that to every other guys, tell me something no-one else knows!’ There are a lot of recommendations on questions but again relax and have fun – questions where people have to think too much can waste time.
  8. Don’t make excuses for why you are at speed dating – this doesn’t present you in the best light. Don’t ask the girl – why someone like her is doing there either. Light, fun conversation works best as you only have 5 minutes.
  9. You have 5 mins to sell yourself so don’t talk about your weak points. Don’t talk about exs, break ups, that your family/friends forced you to come as you never get out.
  10. Create intrigue and engage her emotions. Stay away from logical and factual information. The rule should be that she talks 80% of the time and you talk 20% of the time. This will make her want to know more about you. Women want to feel like you are interested in them. Research has found that connection at speed dating can come from your words and how you use them. The same research found women feel connection when the focus is on her and when the guy shows he ‘got’ her. Just firing off questions doesn’t achieve this! Women clicked with men who used appreciative language like ‘good for you’ and sympathy like ‘ that must have been hard for you’.


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