10 Similarities between Business Networking and Dating

By 13 July, 2018 Blog
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Business networking and dating have so much in common – in fact they require the same skills. Skills are transferable so take the skills you have in other areas of your life and apply them to dating.

Let’s look at what it takes to win in business and dating:

  1. Commitment to what you want
    When you start a business you need the commitment to make it happen. It takes drive, dedication and commitment. In business you focus on what you want to achieve and do what it takes to get there. When something doesn’t work, you don’t give up. In fact you take the time to look at what isn’t working; then make the necessary corrections. You figure it out. Some businesses are an overnight success but most take trial and effort. Take that same mindset and apply it to dating as it requires the same commitment!
  2. It’s your responsibility
    If your business is going to succeed it is up to you to take the steps to make it happen. You can’t walk around blaming everyone else for being unsuccessful. The same applies to dating.
  3. Know what you want to Achieve
    Every good business starts with a plan. In your business plan you map out what you want to achieve in the coming year and years to come. You look at what action you need to take to achieve your goals. You then track what you are doing against your goals and make any adjustments. When it comes to dating you should take the same approach. Look at what you want and how you will get there. Look at what you value and how you want to feel. You don’t waste time with people who don’t match what you really want.
  4. Personal Brand and Marketing
    In business you have to be able to sell yourself and present yourself in the best possible light. Your personal brand is everything to your success. Oh and you have to be offering the services that people want. The same applies to dating! You have to present yourself in the best possible light – you don’t lead with your faults, your insecurities or your past failures. For both business and love you have to show potential for future growth.
  5. Network
    No-one will use your business if they don’t know it exists. You have to get out and meet people to make connections. Networking is a way to do this. Networking should be taken in stages – you can’t come on too strong early on as it will put people off. Networking is all about building relationships. In business it is an effective strategy to network on a regular basis and the same applies to dating. Find ways to get out and meet single people – there are plenty of options such as singles parties, speed dating, Meetup groups, online dating, try organising catch ups/dinner parties with friends and their single friends. Just like business networking, the key to dating success is to build friendships and connections without being intent on the end result.
  6. Referrals
    Networking and building relationships brings referrals. The contact you meet at business networking may not be a customer for your business but doesn’t mean they won’t refer those who will be. The same applies to dating – the person you meet at a singles party may not be for you but they may have a friend who is perfect for you. Also ask for the business and referrals! When it comes to dating ask people you know if they know any singles they could set you up with.
  7. Ask for help
    If your business isn’t thriving it pays to ask for help and get some professional support, the same applies to dating. Often in both a small shift can make all the difference.
  8. Rejection is part of life, accept it
    In the world of business rejection comes with the territory. Whether it is unsubscribing from your mailing list or simply saying no to your services. Successful businesses don’t take rejection personally, nor do they give up, they are tenacious. The same applies to dating. Remember rejection is not personal, you are just not everyone’s cup of tea so don’t let rejection put you off taking action.
  9. Communication Matters
    In business it is not enough for you to know what you mean, your customers have to understand what you are saying. Therefore, keep your communication clear and in easy to understand language. A successful business doesn’t ignore their customers nor do they mislead them. When it comes to dating be yourself (the best version) don’t twist yourself out of shape to be what someone wants or mislead someone with old photos. To be an effective communicator you need to: constantly evaluate how and why you react to and perceive things; take 100% responsibility for everything that happens to you; question your part in every outcome you get; self reflect on how you have contributed to others reactions to you. The same applies to dating!
  10. Be Aware
    It is important to look at the future in business. Too many businesses have failed as they weren’t aware of potential problems, competition or what their customers really wanted. Planning ahead and being aware of potential pitfalls is essential. The same applies to dating! It can be all too easy to get carried away by chemistry but if your values don’t match you have no possibility of a successful relationship. Ie if you want children and they don’t, or you want to live in the city and they don’t. These are the issues that rip relationships apart.

Happy dating and business.

Debbie xxoxx


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