10 Speed Dating Tips Especially for Men!

By 6 March, 2012 December 28th, 2015 Blog
speed dating tips for men

Guys speed dating is a great way to spend an hour – where else do you get the chance to talk to and get the phone numbers of up to ten single girls in one go! To make sure you make the most of your Dare2Date speed dating experience we have put together some tips especially for men!

  1. Women are keen to try new things and will often go to speed dating with their girlfriends for fun but they do hope to meet a great guy. Woman love interesting and confident men; if you are able to be this you will be miles ahead of the competition.
  2. Dress to impress – how you look creates a strong impression.
  3. Smell good – a great aftershave can make any guy instantly more attractive.
  4. Do not talk about your bad points – seriously you have five minutes to sell yourself and leave a good impression so make the most of your time. Be interesting and interested. Smile, make your dates feel good – remember everyone likes to feel good.
  5. Do not talk about failed relationships, your children, how you hate your job and do not overshare. If you like each other and end up dating there is plenty of time to talk about these types of things. Your conversation should be like an appetiser – making her want more.
  6. Be interesting and make an impression. When you are meeting ten people in a row it is good to do something to make yourself stand out from the crowd. Try to start the conversation differently to the norm. Interesting, funny, teasing conversation works every time. Remember every girl always says she is looking for a man who can make her laugh!
  7. Avoid being overly serious. Speed dating should be about having fun, so relax and make sure you actually enjoy yourself!
  8. Believe it or not it is not the best looking guy that gets the most matches at the any speed dating event. Girls do love interesting and confident guys. If you do not receive any matches after attending a speed dating event look at what you talked about and what impression you gave to the women you talked to. Also think about the woman who stood out to you – what was it that made them stand out from the others? Beware of coming across desperate – this is never an appealing quality in anyone. Are there things that you could work on? The great thing about speed dating is you get to meet all the same woman and talk to them for the same amount of time as the other guys. So take notice of what you have learned from the experience and try again!
  9. When you do get matches remember that most girls go to a speed dating event with girlfriends. Ladies are not impressed when you line up dates with them and their girlfriends.
  10. Guys it may seem old fashioned but when you receive your matches, if you are interested in a girl then you should contact her. Oh, and don’t leave it too long to contact her either!
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