Ladies the key to not sabotaging a new relationship!

By 26 April, 2016 Advice for Women, Blog
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Meeting a guy you like is one thing, but I see many ladies who meet a great guy and end up sabotaging the relationship.

They let their fears get in the way! The fear of being rejected, being abandoned, of not being good enough, being too masculine, scared they are too old, the list is endless.

The problem is they focus so much on what they don’t want that they end up getting it!

If this is you, what can you do to change it?

I have ONE simple tip for you that will work every time!

Have fun, laugh, enjoy the moment, mess around when you are with him. I keep saying this – men love being around someone who makes them feel good (ha actually we all do)! Don’t be so focused on the end outcome!

Make the time you spend together so GREAT that he wants to be with YOU.

Make the present so AMAZING he wants a future!

The thing is men DON’T like drama. They like being with someone who is easy to be around and who they can be successful pleasing. This is not to say you can’t be yourself – drama is a different thing entirely! It is doesn’t mean you should lack boundaries and go out of your way to please him. The KEY is to LET him please YOU!

The thing about men is they will do what they want, when they want to. This is true whether you like it or not!

They will text when they want.

They will call when they want.

They will ignore you if they want.

Get you to meet their friends when they want.

The guy who is into you does what he says and wants to be with you.

So don’t push him for answers in the early days by trying to work out where it is going, etc.  Guys just don’t know yet! It takes them time to work out.

Do you know you have the power/clout/leverage over a man when he has CHOSEN to be with you without the pressure. He will be invested in you as he FEELS happy when he is around YOU.

Men like to ‘chose’! They like to ‘buy’ and not be ‘sold’.

So now you know that a guy won’t know after a couple of weeks that you are ‘long term’ – relax and have fun. Keep your fears to yourself and truly enjoy the MOMENT. STOP bringing your past into your future. Change your story once and for all.

You will know within two months if the relationship will go anywhere. How?  Well the guy who is into you will show it by his actions and will escalate the relationship.

For help breaking your patterns of allowing fear to rule your life or any other dating or life issues remember we offer a Coaching service that will change your life forever.

Happy dating.

Debbie x


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