15 Simple Tips: What to wear for women!

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Women what to wear

Last week I sat in a café in the city and had fun people watching. I was surprised at how badly dressed SO many people were! Seriously there are some items of clothing that should be BANNED – leggings as pants, poor fitting ¾ pants and shapeless cotton t-shirts to name a few.

What you wear MATTERS; it will create a good or bad impression. ESPECIALLY in the world of dating!

Why? Because you only get one chance to make a first impression – that is why it is called a first impression!

In 2015, more than any other time, singles make snap decisions on shallow criteria. They are instantly judgmental. Whether you like it or not – this is a FACT and style matters the most when you first meet.

Men fall in love with their eyes; whereas women fall in love with their ears. You may say men can take you as you are, but I need to tell you that if you want to be successful in the dating world you will need to present the best version of yourself. You wouldn’t go to a job interview without careful consideration of what you will wear; dating is no different.

So if you have scored a date or have decided to go to a singles event – you are excited but have one burning question! That is – what should you wear?

Just like any other occasion you have to start of thinking about where you are going. Is your date in the day or at night, are you doing something active or going to a posh restaurant and what is the weather like. All of these things matter when choosing what to wear. You wouldn’t choose a formal dress if you were going bowling! But of course I don’t need to tell you that!

Whatever the occasion present the best version of yourself. You want to look and feel great, be comfortable but dressed right for the occasion. How you present yourself will be the difference between getting a second date or not.

Here are some simple tips:

  1. Don’t dress to impress other women; dress to impress a man! For any feminists out there I am not being sexist! If it is a man you want to date this advice matters. It sounds simple but women generally dress to please other women. What men and women think looks good; is different. Men have definite ideas of what a woman should wear and as much as they may be attracted to the slutty look; they wouldn’t have a relationship with a girl who dressed this way. A good exercise to try is to ask a couple of your male friends for their honest opinion of how you look – it is an enlightening experience. This should include outfits and how you wear your hair.
  2. Show your waist, men love to see your shape. Don’t wear baggy clothes – men want to see you are actually a woman!
  3. Show some skin – choose legs or boobs! Accentuate your best asset but don’t show too much. Men LOVE mystery and imaging what you will look like, so a hint is better than a plunging top or extremely short dress! Don’t dress slutty – unless of course all you are looking for is a one night stand! Remember men have definite opinions in this area – whether you like it or not, it is a fact.
  4. Research Fact: To make the best first impression women need to ditch the pants and wear a skirt/dress. But if you are a jeans girl, make sure you go for the fitted variety. Most of all be feminine, men love a feminine woman.
  5. Research Fact: Men are more likely to be attracted to a woman wearing red. In one study men were shown a picture of the same woman wearing red and blue – men consistently chose the woman wearing red. Men will also spend more money on a date wearing red! So when in doubt try red! Have you ever noticed when you are out it is a sea of black – colour attracts attention.
  6. Men love heels – no surprise there. It instantly makes women look great and elongates your legs.
  7. Don’t wear anything too complicated – most men don’t understand fashion and may judge you as too much hard work. Be aware that men do notice things like expensive clothes and handbags – some men (not all) will think that women who value fashion items that are too expensive will be too expensive to date. Others will think that is my type of girl – at the end of the day you have to be you.
  8. If you are grumpy or uptight, you could wear the best outfit and look amazing. But no-one is attracted to someone who looks grumpy or uptight. So it is important to smile! A smile instantly makes you more attractive – so don’t forget to wear your smile!
  9. Make up is great but not too much! Research has found men are attracted to a women wearing natural make-up as opposed to glamour make up or no makeup. In fact research from online dating sites found that women with natural makeup received 3 times more messages.
  10. Underwear matters. A well fitted bra is ESSENTIAL and makes a HUGE difference to how your clothes fit. Did you know that 85% of women are wearing the wrong size bra! Go to a department store and get a free fitting as your size will change over the years. Be aware of how you knickers look – the wrong pair will create bulges in the wrong places.
  11. Get rid of clothes that don’t fit; are worn; are not flattering or that simply don’t make you feel great.
  12. As much as you want to be comfortable – don’t wear a tracksuit to a date or show up like you are going to do the gardening. Make an effort to look your best. Oh and don’t get stuck in an era where you felt comfortable – this applies to hair, clothes and makeup! Avoid wearing your hair up – men love hair and to see how it looks.
  13. Don’t use age as an excuse to look frumpy. Too often woman are so worried about looking like mutton dressed up as lamb that they go to the other and dress like a grandmother. There are great, flattering clothes for all ages – find clothes that suit you .
  14. Don’t use weight as an excuse to wear shapeless non fitting clothes. People can dress amazing at any size.
  15. Most of all be confident – wear something you feel amazing in. Creating a great impression is all about confidence – if you feel great in your outfit you will come across so much better.

As always happy dating x


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