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God everyone says dating should be fun but it doesn’t always feel that way!

So many questions the least of which are what you should wear! There is who pays, do you offer to pay, where do you even go and what do you talk about?

It is all too easy to make dating harder than it should be! After all it is just a date, you are not going to necessarily marry them!

I understand that you may want to give up – after all it is fun watching Stan or Netflix but even that can get boring after a while.

Don’t give up, there are plenty of great singles out there and let’s face it you really only need to meet one!

Today I am going to help you out with what to talk about! Although as much as I am giving you some questions to ask my advice is to not worry too much about what you are going to talk about. The best conversations are ones that flow and where you are genuinely interested in what the other person has to say. It is important to be able to listen and connect with your date rather than working out what you are going to say next.

These questions are just to give you an idea of different things you can talk about to make dating easier.

Don’t ever shoot of a list of questions one after another on a date as this will not build attraction or a connection, it will simply feel like a job interview. It is important to learn the Art of Conversation

 Here are 16 questions you can use if you don’t know what to talk about :

 1.    What do you do other than work?

2.    What is the best concert you have ever been to? Alternatively what type of music do you love?

3.    If you won Lotto tomorrow what is the first thing you would buy?

4.    What is your favourite binge watch on Netflix?

5.    Where is the best place you have travelled to?

6.    Where would you love to travel to?

7.    What are you most passionate about?

8.    Are you a dog or a cat person?

9.Do you play any sports?

10.Do you love cooking and do you have signature dish?

11.Favourite movie?

12.Do you love horror movies?

13.What is the perfect Saturday?

14.If you could live anywhere else where would it be?

15.Where are you originally from?

16.What do you love doing for fun?

Light hearted conversations work better – it can be too easy to give too much information too quickly. You may feel you are speeding up the process but in fact you may be creating barriers and saying things that simply aren’t necessary. Definitely stay away from politics, religion, past relationships and heavy topics.

It is cliché but have some fun while dating, stop taking it all so seriously.

When you relax you give off a totally different vibe.

Also don’t put too much pressure on yourself to meet the right person, be open to making new friends and genuinely enjoying meeting new people.

Be open, there are so many ways to meet singles – you could come across them in your day to day life, online or why not let the people you know set you up.

Remember you only get one chance to make that first impressions so make sure your count.

Debbie xxoxx


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