3 Simple Signs he is into you!

By 27 March, 2016 Advice for Women, Blog

Here are 3 simple ways to know if a guy really likes you:

  1. Believe the negatives and not the positives!
    We live in a world where we are encouraged to see the positives and not the negatives. However, when dating men it pays to believe the negatives over the positives!  I am not asking you to look for the worst  but to be aware of what happens when you meet a man you have chemistry with. When you start a new relationship its amazing, exciting and chemistry allows you to enhance their positives and overlook their negative points. Men will always tell you exactly where they are at in one way or another. So listen! Women often don’t say what they mean whereas men DO! When he tells you he isn’t looking for a relationship – that is EXACTLY what he means. Men will only settle down when the time is right. It doesn’t matter how amazing you are, if he isn’t ready then he just isn’t ready.

    Listen to what a men tells you in the beginning.So when a guy tells you he isn’t interested in anything serious and you go ahead, he will see that as you agreeing  it is ok! Women easily pick up on any positives to justify seeing the man! For example – this one time he said he loved me; he calls me beautiful, he listens to me, he loves hanging out, we have the best dates. Men can simply be in the moment, enjoying your company for what it is. This doesn’t change the fact that he doesn’t want to be in a relationship. Men will happily allow you to meet their needs and seriously why wouldn’t they if you are there! Believe the signs and your intuition always.

  2. Men Show they are into you by their Actions! Men show they care by actions. He might fix your dripping tap, mow your lawn or give you his jumper when you are cold. So if you go on a great date and haven’t heard from him in a week – he is not into you. It is what he does in between the dates that matters. A man who is into you will contact you by the next day. Men are simple, when they want to be with you they will be. You will know it and won’t need to analyse it. Listen to his actions and not your feelings for him. Don’t think you can change him if he is showing you he is not into you by his actions.
  3. Pay attention to ‘boyfriend behaviour’
    A boyfriend will call, keep his weekend free for you, he will make you a part of his life, introduce you to his people and he will tell you he sees a future with you. Most of all he will escalate the relationship – he will lead it because he doesn’t want to miss out on you. This is the polar opposite to the man who is happy to sleep with you, bide his time and get his needs met!

Happy dating.

Debbie x

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