4 Secrets to Finding Love!

By 21 January, 2017 Blog, Dating Tips

Do you think you can’t or won’t find love?

Do you find it hard to meet great singles?

If you answered yes I want to share the 4 secrets to finding love and finding ‘the one’!

I want to tell you there are literally millions of singles out there and there really is someone for everyone!

Brooklyn Sherman created the Instagram sensation The Way We Met‘. She  wanted to document the answers of how people meet and fall in love nowadays. It is amazing she has 7000 love stories on her blog! If you want to be inspired have a read.

The answers to where singles met are surprising -here are a few……

‘We met on the set of a reality show’.

‘We met at our children’s school’.

‘He was my Airbnb host’.

‘We met at an anti Valentines Day party’.

‘On the dance floor’.

Here are the 4 secrets found in those 7000 love stories:

  1. They DIDN’T rely on destiny!
    All of the people in the stories met when they were out, they didn’t met anyone sitting at home doing what they had always done. They met standing in lines, getting their phone fixed, at a local bar, through friends, on Tinder, YouTube conventions, grocery stores, dancing classes, volunteering, in fact the list is endless as there are 7000 stories. The one thing I can tell you is they went out and got out of their comfort zone.  There were many unexpected ways that they met including being set up on a blind date or going out on their own to an event like a wedding. They didn’t sit at home and wait for love to happen to them.

    You will find potential matches, everywhere, every day. The key is to be in the moment – to take the time to look around and look people in the eye. In the digital age it can be all too easy to get busy on your phone and miss out on amazing singles right in front of you. Be present – you will be surprised at who you will meet. If you want to find love schedule time to get out and about – everyday and make sure you interact with people.

  2. They didn’t close off and protect themselves
    There were a lot of stories from singles who had suffered a bad break up and were heart broken. They were so heart broken they thought they would NEVER find love again – that they had missed the one. Many of these heart broken people made big changes in their lives like moving location, changing jobs or travelling to get over a break up. They didn’t put up walls and stop people from getting close to them.  The best advice I can give you after breaking up with someone  is to take the time to love and know yourself – make yourself a priority. Find and do the things you love; hang out with friends in the process you will find love again.
  3. Listen to your gut instinct
    It was interesting in the stories that the singles listened to their gut feelings about the people they met. They trusted their intution and my advice to you is to trust yours! They didn’t follow a rule book but they trusted themselves. They gave the person they were dating a chance – this takes courage and no-one falls in love without it.
  4. They were willing to Embarrassed
    If you look through the thousands of stories you will find that people met in many less than perfect ways – in fact some of them were embarrassing! One girl met a guy while surfing – when she accidentally hit him on the head with her board. Another couple met a festival and went 4WDriving – they had a bit of an accident and ended up in emergency for x-rays. These singles were able to laugh at themselves and not be too serious or precious. Remember no matter how you meet it will make a great story to tell for years to come.

Happy dating.

Deb xxoxx


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