4 Simple Tips

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4 simple tips for women
  1. Ladies you need to let a guy chase you but there is a fine line! A lot of women play so hard to get, that they scare men away! Believe it or not guys are genuinely scared of being rejected – the amount of men who I have talked to that find women and the risk of being rejected terrifying! Guys would rather go 12 rounds in a boxing ring than risk being rejected by a woman!
  2. Ask yourself ‘Would I approach me’? If you answer this question with a no then do something to change it! Men like women who make eye contact and smile! Be aware of your body language and how approachable you are.  Also ladies try not to go out in large groups – most awesome men will find you too hard to approach as not only do they risk rejection but being laughed at by a group of girls! So the tip is – let a guy chase you but don’t play too hard to get.
  3. Ladies you need to know what you want but don’t come on too strong. You should NEVER EVER settle for a man who isn’t right for you and who isn’t into you. Standards are important and you should know what you are looking for in a man/relationship. But you don’t need to be so full on and lay it all on the table on the first date. Women a little bit of mystery is a good thing and you do not need to tell the guy everything in your first date as there is plenty of time to get to know each other.
  4. You can’t change and man and you shouldn’t change yourself to be with him! I love this saying – people tell us who they are and we make them who we want them to be. So take off your rose coloured glasses and see the man for who he is. So don’t try to change him and don’t change your behaviour to fit in with him. You will just end up making each other unhappy.
  5. Have fun! Dating is meant to be fun, not an interview for marriage! So relax and enjoy the experience.


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