5 Simple, Eye Catching First Date Hairstyles

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5 Simple, Eye-Catching First Date Hairstyles

Clothes? Check! Accessories? Check! Hair?  What type of hairstyles gives the best first impression?

Well, that’s the next thing on your first date preparation checklist. If you’re not really much of a hair person, then it’s definitely a good idea to book a hair appointment and let the experts take over to give you the perfect hairstyle. After all, first impressions really do matter!

Do you want to know the secret to what men really want in a woman? They want a woman who’s confident and comfortable in herself. Men enjoy seeing women’s hair, so you don’t need to get caught up in an over-fussy hairstyle to make the best impression.

Now isn’t the best time to go trying all sorts of new and crazy hairstyles. Instead, choose something that’s ‘you’, and that really shows off your unique personality.

But what exactly should you ask your hairdresser for? What sort of hairstyles is suitable for a first date scenario?

Stuck for ideas?

 Here are 5 great first date hairstyles, for all sorts of personalities:

1. For the Minimalist… A Simple, Sleek, and Straight Hairstyle

Sleek Hair Style

If you hate going overboard and loathe anything super fancy, then a simple, sleek, and straight hairstyle is exactly what you need. This style is also great if you don’t know your date very well (or at all!) because it’s really approachable and can help make your date feel comfortable and at ease which is a big help when it comes to minimising awkward silences. Remember: perfect hair can be a little intimidating

If you’re going to try this style yourself, use a generous amount of heat spray to protect your locks before grabbing the straighteners and ironing out any kinks. To finish, add a tiny touch of oil to keep the frizzies at bay. If you like, you can use a couple of small clips to pin back the very front hairs, which is especially useful if your hair has a tendency to fall over your face… you don’t want to keep pushing it back all night!



2. For the Organised… A Face-Framing Ponytail

If you’re the sort of person who’s highly organised and likes everything to be in its own place, having loose hair flying around can be very annoying! If you’re more comfortable wearing your hair up (rePonytail Hairstylemember: the best first date hairstyle is one you feel happy with!), you can tie your hair back in a neat ponytail or bun, leaving a few strands of hair loose at the sides to frame your face and soften the look.

These face-framing side bits can instantly take away from the professional look of an updo and give even the tightest of buns a more approachable, informal, and down-to-earth vibe. If your hair is particularly vulnerable to humidity, give the side pieces a dab of oil to stop them from becoming frizzy and sticking out at all angles. A bit of hairspray is also good, ensuring your style stays as long as you need it to.


3. For the Nervous… A Loose Braid

If you’ve been feeling quite nervous about your first date (don’t worry, it happens to the best of us!), and if you know that you’re the sort of person to fidget when they get nervoBraid Hair Styleus, it’s a good idea to try and keep your hair away from your face and hands. One of the easiest ways to do this and still maintain a soft, approachable look is by wearing your hair in a braid which stops those awkward finger twists!

Your hairdresser will be a master of braids and will be able to create the loose, informal, slightly messy sort of braid that keeps your hair out of the way but still has an approachable, friendly first date feel. If you do want to give this style a try at home, it’s best to start out with a side braid which is much easier to achieve on your own. If you don’t progress to back braids, don’t worry, side braids are very eye-catching!


4. For the Bold… A Braided Up-Do

Braided Up Hair StyleIf you’re the type of person that really wants to stand out on a first date, then an impressive updo can be just what you need to capture your date’s attention… and never let go! Side braids which are twisted and tied up at the back can really work to show off your confidence and personality, and it also helps to keep your hair off the face, showing off your highlighted cheekbones and perfectly applied contour!

Your hairdresser will know exactly what they’re doing, but if you’re quite the stylist yourself you can easily achieve this look at home. The most important thing to remember with the first date updo’s is to leave a few bits loose to frame the face, remembering one of our top tips from above. This can make your style appear more informal… you don’t want to give off wedding hair vibes on the very first date!

5. For the Romantic… A Wavy Hairstyle

Of course, on a first date you don’t just want to be approachable… you might also want to be a little bit romantic! This is especially true if you already know your date a bit and you’re over the initial awkwardness that you can sometimes get when you meet someone for the first time. If you’re feeling ready to add a touch of flirtation

Wavy Hair Styleto the mic, wavy hair (or ‘sex hair’) is the ideal hairstyle for you.

The wavy style is also one of the easiest to achieve, even if you have absolutely no styling experience whatsoever. If your hair naturally dries a little curly, simply use your fingers to brush these curls out into loose waves, and if you have naturally straight hair, a few minutes with the curling iron will do wonders. Wavy hair is beautiful, and it can really help to add just a splash of enchantment to your special evening.

Don’t Stress It!

Although hairstyles are important and you want to look ‘right’ for a first date. You know you don’t want to be too casual or too formal, don’t get worked up over finding the perfect do. Remember that your date is probably feeling a little nervous, and won’t notice if you have a hair out of place! Hairstyles may matter, but the most important thing is to choose a style you feel comfortable with, and one that shows off who you are, inside and out.

If you still feeling nervous, why not book in a coaching session to get the insider tricks and tips to be successful on your date? You can book in a free discovery call – nothing to lose and everything to gain, right! Click here to book.


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