6 Simple Ways to Make Dating Fun

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Want to know 6 simple ways to make dating fun?

When something is fun it makes it easier and it makes you want to do it! Dating and meeting new people should be fun, in fact, it was meant to be fun! However, the reality is that it can feel the opposite of fun. It can be full of bad dates, time wasters and people who aren’t your cup of tea in. In fact, it often feels like a 2nd job that you don’t have time for.

It is so much easier to put your time and effort into other areas of your life where:

  • You are getting results or
  • Were it is more fun.

Let’s face it when something is either easy or fun you will do it! When you make dating fun you will also make a better first impression.

Everyone likes to hang out with people who have a relaxed fun vibe – the energy is different to hanging out with someone who comes from a judgemental place.

As a Dating/Relationship Coach one of my super skills is helping the people I work with enjoy the dating process so they can meet the right person for them.

So, how can you make dating fun?

6 Simple Ways to Make Dating Fun

1, Do Something YOU Want to do

To make dating fun you need to do something you have always wanted to do anyway! Ditch the coffee date where you sit opposite each other being forced to have an awkward conversation and do something you enjoy.  It could be as simple as going for a walk and then getting ice cream. Or maybe you have wanted to try a new bar,  see a comedy show or even check out an exhibition! Use your date to do that! It has the added benefit of bringing the best out in the other person so you can see them in a different way. When you do something YOU enjoy it says you wasting your time when you don’t feel the spark with someone. because you have enjoyed something you wanted to try. Doing something you want to do is guaranteed to make dating fun!


2 Ditch Sitting Face to Face to Make Dating Fun

Sitting face to face with someone you have just met can feel more like an interview than a date. A date that is like an interview is not the way to make dating fun! Trying doing an activity together, where you are walking next to each other because staring into a  strangers eye’s can feel a little too intense, right? Yet if you are walking next to each other you will have other distractions and the conversation will feel much more natural. This will make your date more fun and natural rather than stressful!

3. Have a Plan for When it is Going Well and When it isn’t!

A plan takes the stress out of your date and will make dating more fun. Have a plan of what you will do if the date is a bad one and if it is a good one.  For example, you can meet for a drink at a new bar and if it goes well move on to grab something to eat at a place nearby that you have already checked out. When you go to a couple of different venues it will make your date feel like they have known you longer. You also get to walk next to each other and it will build the connection that can lead to attraction. If you are not feeling it with your date, have a plan to leave after your first drink.    Having a plan allows you to feel in control rather than stressed, so you can make dating more fun!

4. Don’t Focus on Love

Make yourself the focus and not love! Instead of focusing on whether each date will be the one, focus on how you feel about the date. Focus on how you feel and what you like, rather than if THEY will like you. Lean back and notice what you enjoy chatting about and what makes you feel happy. Dating can teach you a lot about yourself and what you are really looking for beyond the superficial. It allows you to enjoy the process rather than being focused on the finish line. This will make dating more fun and enjoyable.

5. Feel Amazing Before your Date

You want to be in the right mindset when you go on a date otherwise you won’t be able to make dating fun! Build things into your life that allow you to feel confident and happy. Do whatever it takes to be in a good mood before your date. That could be as simple as putting on your favourite tunes and dancing while getting ready for a date. Oh, and to take the stress out of dating make sure you have pre-planned date outfits that you feel amazing in and that make you look great.

This can also stop you from getting caught up in your head and over-analysing everything! Practice being in the moment because over-analysing lead’s to assumptions, misunderstandings and acting awkward. Feeling amazing before your date is guaranteed to make dating fun.

6. Don’t see Rejection as Personal

Okay, I know this is a hard one! If someone doesn’t want a 2nd date with you it’s hard not to see it as personal! However, the real honest truth is it isn’t about you and you don’t have to make it mean that you aren’t worthwhile. Because, not everyone will be attracted to you, nor will you be attracted to everyone. Attraction is a mystery! So many different things have to come together for that to happen.

Sometimes you may have bummed out on the date and other times those different things just didn’t come together. If you did bum out remember that dating is a skill that you can get better at.  This date may or may not work but regardless you can use it as a learning experience to see what worked and what didn/t. Worrying about rejection will not make dating fun.


If you still struggle to find the fun in dating, book a free discovery call with me and I will help you each step of the way.

Debbie, Dating/Relationship Coach


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