6 Ways to Survive Being Single When you Don’t Want to Be……

By 10 September, 2016 Advice for Women, Blog
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Have you gone on another night out and come home disappointed that you didn’t meet anyone?

Being single when you don’t want to be can be tough. You may be beautiful, smart and awesome but still single while all your friends are in relationships. It get’s hard not to feel a bit anxious about your single status.

It is too easy to start to think something is wrong with you!

So if this is you, here are 6 things you can do to survive:

  1. Go Out
    This may sound simple but you are not going to meet anyone if you never leave the house! OK, but what do you do if all your friends are in relationships and you have no-one to go out with? I recommend you join various Meet up groups – there are plenty of options including singles groups. It may be a bit daunting going alone but you won’t be alone for very long. The great thing about many of these groups is they are free and give you the change to meet friends as well as other singles. You can also try courses in something you are interested in, sport, singles events and speed dating. For more information read my guide – Dating Experts Guide to Meeting Singles in Perth.
  2. It’s Not Forever
    It may feel like it but it won’t be forever. So make the most of your single time. The way you think is so important. If you have the thought that it is temporary you will be much happier and able to cope. Mindset is everything – it can be all too easy to stay in a funk. But why not choose to be positive instead and surround yourself with positive people. The vibe you give out matters! I hear singles say all the time that if they knew when they would meet someone they could relax. My advice is to live like you know you will meet someone soon. Imagine the future of your dreams. Make the most of every day, every moment and do the things you love. It is likely you will meet someone like minded there!
  3. Be Yourself
    Take this time to be authentic. What does authentic mean? The dictionary meaning: of undisputed origin and not a copy; genuine. Authenticity is being true to yourself; it is being able to speak how you feel. Don’t ever pretend to be what someone else wants you to be – it won’t work out in the long run. Again use this time to do those things you always wanted to do.
  4. Don’t be Marriage Minded
    Make friends first. Don’t look at everyone you meet as the one you are going to marry as this puts too much pressure on you and the other person. It also takes the fun out of dating. My advice is to go out as if you are meeting new friends. That will give you the chance to see if they fit into your life without the pressure.
  5. Online/Tinder
    40% of people nowadays meet online so this is a great option to get out dating and ultimately change your single status. I know online dating can be tedious but used the right way it works. Mindset again is everything – as online dating does feel like searching for a needle in a haystack but remember you only need to find ONE.
  6. Don’t listen to What other People say
    Family and friends will give you endless tips and also negative statements about you being single. You may have heard them say things like you are too picky, don’t be so fussy, that all the good guys are taken at your age so you should just settle down. Now you are still single so obviously all the goods ones are NOT taken. Don’t listen to these generalizations, in fact flip them around to positive statements that there are great singles out there who want to meet you.

Deb x

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