7 Factors That Affect Relationship’s Longevity in A Couple

By 30 March, 2021 April 8th, 2021 Dating Tips

Have you ever wondered what factors affect relationships so that they stand the test of time? Why is that some relationships last and others fail?

There are 7 specific factors that affect relationships longevity for every couple and making them a priority will make your relationship successful.

I don’t have to tell you that it can be hard enough to meet that right person, therefore is important to invest in relationships to make them last. Successful relationships are a long-term game, not a short term one!

Here are the 7 Factors That Affect Relationship‘s Longevity in A Couple

1. Communication in relationships is essential!

Maybe you see communication listed as the top factor that makes relationships last and automatically switches off but don’t. Relationships are not an object – you know something that you have; they are something that you do. In fact, you only have a relationship if you continue to relate to each other. Communication is the foundation of successful relationships. No matter how much chemistry you have or how attracted you are to each other if you can’t relate to each other you will end up with continual misunderstandings and frustrations. Poor communication can eventually kill passion, so ditch the criticism, contempt, defensiveness and stonewalling!

When you first meet each other, communication comes naturally as you just hang off each other’s every word. However, as you get more comfortable with each other it can be all too easy to take each other for granted. Rediscover your partner, you might think that you know everything about them, yet people change, so continue to get to know them. Take the time to practice appreciating what you like in each other and ask them questions to get to know them again. Take the time to share your feelings, thoughts and dreams with each other.

2. Things will change in relationships

You may want things to always stay the same, however, in life change is inevitable.  You may change jobs, move house, move cities, experience grief or have children. All of these factors affect relationships Things always change over time and life can be unpredictable. Change is a big factor that can affect the longevity your relationship and being aware helps you be prepared to deal with the positive and the tough changes life will throw at you.

3. Sex affects relationships

Did you know one of the biggest reasons that relationships don’t last is a lack of sex? Sex may be a small part of relationships but it keeps the romance alive. If you stop having sex or even have less sex it can give the impression that you don’t find your partner attractive anymore. You can see how this will affect the longevity of relationships! Of course, there will be times where you may not feel like having sex, particularly after childbirth. It happens to most couples from time to time. The top passion killers in relationships are lack of affection/flirting, exhaustion and stress, emotional distance, a long to-do list and feeling unappreciated. Oh, and did you know that men who share the housework get more sex?

The best way to deal with the situation is by having honest and open communication about sex in your relationship. Because research has found that couples who can talk openly about sex, have more sex!

4. Listen

When both people feel heard it ensures that relationships stand the test of time. When you get into that ‘comfortable’ stage in your relationship it is all too easy to take each other for granted and stop listening! Maybe you feel like you have heard it all before, but showing real interest in each other keeps relationships strong. Practice listening twice as much as you talk!  When you listen, it makes the other person feel that you care.

5. Relationships that Show Love Last

Make the effort to show your partner love as this is guaranteed to keep relationships strong. It is often the small gestures that make all the difference. Be spontaneous and make it fun to keep the spark alive in your relationship. Too often people show love the way they would like to receive love. However, it is a game-changer in relationships when you show love how your partner wants to be loved. I recommend doing the 5 Love Languages Quiz to see what your partners love language is.

6. Relationships need Forgiveness

No one is perfect and there are going to be times where you will disappoint each other and make mistakes. You will let each other down and it is essential that you are able to let those things go and forgive each other. This happens in all relationships. Holding onto perceived wrongs will only damage relationships. Admit to the mistakes that have happened and learn from them.  Relationships where they chose forgiveness over being right stand the test of time. There may be times where the issues are bigger and you need some help dealing with them, but for the minor ones forgive your partner and move on.

7. Relationships That are Fun Last

Relationships where couples have fun together last. Be playful with each other! I recommend doing something new together to keep that spark fresh.  The novelty and newness keep relationships alive. It could be anything from going on a wine tasting tour, going to a drive-in movie, visiting a new art exhibit at the museum, finding a new restaurant to go to. Whatever it is, create new, shared, unique experiences that will stimulate connection. In fact, create a relationship bucket list with all the things you want to do together as a couple. This keeps relationships strong, healthy and they will last!

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