7 Secrets You Will Never Know About Local Speed Dating Events

By 25 February, 2021 March 5th, 2021 Speed Dating Perth

Dating shows are popular as everyone enjoys looking in from the outside! Reality shows about local speed dating events would be just as popular. Everyone would love to be a fly on the wall and find out what goes on behind the scenes at your local speed dating events.

I might not have a reality show – yet! But I am going to share with you seven secrets that
most people will never know about local speed dating events.

The 7 Secrets About Local Speed Dating Events

1. Good Looking Single Women go to Local Speed Dating Events

One of the best-kept secrets is that good-looking single women go to local speed dating events! Yes, really! I know you might have thought that local speed dating events are for people that no-one else wants to date, but the opposite is true. Women are tired of dating apps feeling like a second job they don’t have time for and love how easy it is to come along
to their local speed dating events. So, for the guys out there, this is one secret that will change your dating success.

2. Locodating

The great thing about local speed dating events is that you will be surprised at the single people who live in your local area! Before COVID, travel was easy, and long-distance relationships were possible. However, in 2021, with borders stuck with little notice, it is much more appealing to date locally as you will be able to hang out! They have even coined a new dating term to describe the trend – loco dating!

3. The best-looking person isn’t always the most popular at local speed dating events!

Dating is superficial; however, one of the secrets you might not know is that the best-looking
singles aren’t always the most popular at your local speed dating events. Surprising, right! Local speed dating events allow people the chance to have a fun, light-hearted conversation and get to know each other. This is a game-changer because singles can become so much
more attractive when you know the real them.

The average guy might have a keen sense of humour that makes him so much more beautiful than the hot, boring guy! The women who laugh at your jokes, smile and are warm become so much more attractive than the stunning lady who is cold and dismissive. We tend to remember who someone made us feel rather than how they look. So at your local speed dating events, you get to shine with your wonderful, unique personality.

4. Local speed dating works!

Did you know that speed dating research has found that who people chose in real life is not the same as who they would choose if they only saw a photograph? Your local speed dating event gives you that real-life advantage. You might feel like local speed dating events are old school and not worth your time. But, I want to let you in on another secret that local speed dating events get results. I have countless success stories where someone came along for a laugh and walked away, meeting the person they eventually married. It can be one night that can change your life! The bonus is that you don’t even have to travel far to your local speed dating events.

5. Local speed dating events give you a funny story to tell

Local speed dating events are fun! They get you off the couch and meeting other people in
the same situation as you. You might meet the ‘one’ or you might not. But you will come away with a fun story to tell of doing something outside of your comfort zone. Oh, and everything worthwhile tends to happen outside of your comfort zone. I can tell you that your married friends or the people at work will love to hear what it is really like at local speed dating events.

6. Singles get fussier the older they get

I run events for all age groups, and the surprising secret that I have found at your local speed dating events is the younger the age group, the more open to possibilities. The older the singles get, the fussier they become. At local speed dating events, younger singles have more mutual matches as they choose more people. The older the age group, the fewer people they choose, and as a result, there are always less mutual matches.

7. You will meet different types of people at your local speed dating events

Local speed dating events are like a Kinder Surprise; you never know what you will get! Over the decade I have run local speed dating events, I can tell you that it attracts a wide range of other singles. Each night is different because each group of people are different. Some nights are more fun because of the type of people who come along on the night. Local
speed dating events attract all occupations, lifestyles and ages. I always recommend that people leave their expectations at home and come along with being curious and open-minded.

Local speed dating events are a fun way to meet quality singles in the real world, and I hope to see you soon at an upcoming event. You never know I might tell you some more closely kept secrets about your local speed dating events in person!

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