7 Tips to Enjoy Valentine’s Day is you are Single AF

By 28 January, 2018 Blog, Dating Tips
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Valentine’s Day is all love and couples. You see chocolate, flowers, love hearts, ads about loved up couples and jewelry catalogues everywhere, right! It can be a time where you may even envy those ‘loved’ up couples! It can make even the most hardened singles feel like they are missing out. But don’t let V-Day get you down, look at the bright side at least you don’t have all that pressure to get the day right.

Anyway what do you do if you’re single AF and don’t have someone to share Valentine’s Day with?

Valentine’s Day is really just another day and it is what you make of it – you can chose to downplay it or create your own reasons to celebrate it.

How you choose to look at being single will make all the difference. So why not look at the up side of being single? You can do whatever you like, you don’t have to stress about the perfect gift or being romantic and you are not with a partner who hates V-Day. You know the one who thinks it is an over commercialized waste of time. Remember not all the couples out there are having an amazingly romantic day!

Will a little bit of preplanning you can have an awesome day.

Here are 7 tips to enjoy your day:

  1. Plan Ahead
    Have a plan for the day so you are not at home feeling sorry for yourself! If you have something to look forward to you won’t get feel like you are missing out. Why not get together with your other single friends or people you love like your family?
  2. Singles Events
    Book into one of the many singles events that are on in the lead up to V-Day. You can always find awesome singles, at singles events, especially around V-Day! You are guaranteed to have a better time than the couples! It’s definitely cheaper and can turn out to be more fun!
  3. Go Online
    Start up an online dating profile  and organise yourself a date!
  4. Laugh
    Plan a comedy movie marathon or go to a stand-up comedy show. Laughter really is the best medicine and is guaranteed to lighten your mood. It is proven to reduce stress and improve how you feel.
  5. Spoil yourself!
    Treat yourself to a massage, a pedicure, buy yourself some flowers or a special piece of jewellery that you have always wanted. The bright side is at least you will be guaranteed to get the perfect gift for yourself!
  6. Random Acts of Kindness
    You aren’t the only person coping with being single on Valentine’s Day, so why not find some others who are struggling and do something different like an unexpected surprise? Perform random acts of kindness.
  7. Do whatever you want.
    Use your single time to do whatever you want, make the most of your freedom. You know yourself better than anyone else – so do whatever it takes to make yourself feel happy and fulfilled.

So no matter where you are, you can make this Valentine’s Day one to remember!

Debbie xx0xx


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