7 Ways to Get More Messages Online

By 24 October, 2016 Blog

Online dating can be tiresome – it can literally feel like a 2nd job that you don’t have time for. There can be endless dull conversations and even the odd dick pic!

Regardless all of this – it is the one place where you can find more singles than anywhere else!

So it is important to have a profile that will get you noticed and messaged.

The right profile will get you better messages!

Here are 7 ways to get MORE messages online:

  1. Complete your profile!
    You don’t need to write a novel but you do need to put effort into writing your profile. You would be surprised how much attention you will receive from a well written profile. It can literally double the messages you receive. Who wouldn’t want that! Put in the effort to get the results! One final tip is don’t make the profile too long as it will lose people’s interest.
  2. Show who you are not what you don’t want!
    This is important! So many profiles have a list of of what people don’t want rather than painting a picture of who they are and who they want to attract. You may think you are doing this to stop certain people messaging you, however, it doesn’t do that. All it does is put off the people who you want to contact you. Paint a picture of your life so the person can imagine themselves in it.  Don’t bother with the – ‘I don’t want any time wasters!’ or anything negative for that matter. The last time I did online dating I had a picture in a kayak and I was contacted by so many kayakers! Why because it appealed to them. Think of your what your audience (the ideal person for you) wants/likes rather than what you don’t want.
  3. Let your personality shine through!
    This will filter people out who aren’t attracted to your type of personality and will show who you are. It will also make your profile more interesting to read and stand out from the bland profiles!
  4. Make it easy!
    Include things in  your profile that made it easy to message you. This will prevent boring messages! Use a question in your profile as a conversation starter.  This can be as simple as – ‘I love a good movie, what would you recommend?’
  5. Leave some mystery!
    You do not need to tell everything about yourself in your profile (remember there is no need for a novel)! Everyone likes a bit of mystery and this also leads to better questions/conversations! As much as you want to paint an accurate picture of yourself you don’t need to tell the world everything!
  6. Don’t be One Dimensional!
    It can be all too easy to show one side of who you are. Like you love to travel and the places you have been. But you are more than just travel – show rather than tell what you love to do. Paint a picture with your words, tell a story. For example you might like travel, cooking and eating out or you might love water skiing, hanging out with friends and reading a good book.
  7. Tagline, User Name and Photos
    I have written about this so many times before! Read Internet Dating Profiles – What to Avoid and What to Include. But I will mention it anyway as they are SO IMPORTANT! Pick a user name and tagline that are memorable, reflects you and gets you noticed! Choose great photos of you – this is the key to having the perfect profile as it is your advert to attract what you are looking for. Take your time getting this right as it matters. I see so many online daters include one terrible photo in the midst of great photos spoiling their chances of attracting the right person!

If this all seems too hard – don’t worry Dare2Date can manage it all for you and get you the results on line you want!

Happy dating!

Deb xx0xx



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