72% of Singles Admit to Googling a Potential Date……….

By 24 April, 2019 Blog, Dating Tips

72% of singles admit to googling a potential date before meeting them!

I have talked about this before in Pre-Date Stalking  and do you Get Rid of that Embarrassing Photo. I talk about this again, as it can be bigger issue than you might imagine with a large number of singles cancelling dates based on the info they discovered from googling their potential date.

They will use Facebook, Google, Insta, Twitter and LinkedIn for as long as 30 minutes to find out all about you.

To help you be as successful in your dating life as possible I believe it is important to know what surveys have identified are the most common turn offs  from googling someone, so you don’t fall into them.

Although one of the turn offs for men on Insta was women posting inspiring quotes and sayings;  I have to admit that I am pretty prone to doing that!!!!!

Biggest issues found from Googling a Date…….

Facebook Turn Offs found Googling

  • Seeing emotionally dramatic posts on the FB timeline.
  • Finding that you have taken an  excessive number of selfies.
  • Asking the new person you are dating to unfriend their exes. I always say someone is an ex for a reason.
  • When they go through your timeline and discover a constant stream of relationships.
  • How you interact with other people on Facebook. It is a turn off for a new partner to see you being negative about friends and exes on Facebook.
  • Using Facebook as your Agony Aunt and airing your dirty laundry online.

Instagram Turn Offs found Googling

Single women’s biggest turn offs are:

  • Pictures where guys are showing off their bodies – think shirtless selfies.
  • Too many hashtags in a caption, as well as the trending hashtags.
  • Seeing that all the guy does is party with too many ‘Party Pictures’ on Insta.
  • Too many selfies.

Single men’s biggest turn offs are:

  • Using too many hashtags – specially too many of the trending hashtags at once.
  • Didn’t like seeing too many pictures of babies and children.
  • Tired of inspiring quotes and sayings.

We have talked about what people might find by googling yourself and  now I want to mention a couple of benefits of googling a potential date!

Generally I am not a fan of pre-date googling as it can be too easy to over analyse things that don’t matter and miss out on a great single. Personally, I am a fan of chatting to someone on the phone before meeting and trusting your gut feeling.

However, there are times it can save you a whole world of pain.

1. Identifying a Cat-Fisher

One of the benefits of googling a potential date is to find out if they are a cat-fisher or not. A cat-fisher is someone who pretends to be someone they are not. It is always a good idea to  reverse search their picture before you arrange a date online  as it can save you from being the victim of fraud.

2. Identifying is someone is Committed Elsewhere

It allows you to find if your potential date is   in a long term relationship or married.I have  been told of many stories where the person found out the person they were dating was actually married  after dating for 6 months and not single at all. No-one wants to be in this situation.

Finally, I do recommend Googling yourself to see what comes up, as well as checking your Facebook and Insta account to see what image you are showing the world.

As always our aim at Dare2Date is to make your dating life as easy as it is supposed to be and we are available to coach you to get the results you had only imagined.

Happy dating.

Debbie xxoxx

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