8 Simple Mistakes that Stop Someone Swiping Right on Your Tinder Profile

By 8 December, 2019 Blog, Dating Tips
Tinder right swipes

Did you know that there are eight simple mistakes that stop someone swiping right on your profile Tinder profile?

If you are you frustrated that you are not getting any matches online or question if works for anyone, then this is information that you need to know.

Dating apps work! In fact, there are 26 million matches worldwide on Tinder alone every day!

The rejection rate on dating apps is high yet there are common mistakes that you could be making that are dramatically decreasing your chances. Tinder pulled data from users’ profiles to find out what turned people away and it is a game-changer to know the things that are statistically proven to lessen your chances of being right-swiped.

To help you get your profile right and to get more right swipes I will let you know the results of the research.

8 Things Proven to Reduce your Chances of a Match on Tinder

1. Sunglasses

Being able to see your eyes in your photographs is essential. Eyes tell you a lot about a person, you can tell if they are kind, if you can trust them, if they are mean, etc.  After all, eyes are the windows of the soul! If you wear sunglasses in your profile picture it will reduce your match rate by 15%.

2. Not Writing a Profile on Tinder

You might think that you only need a photograph on Tinder but that is not true. Your written profile matters and the Tinder research backs this.

In fact, 61% of women and 57% of men carefully read a bio before swiping right.

The lack of a bio makes people hesitant to say yes as it can leave them with too many questions. Like is the person only looking for a hookup, are they on the app for an ego boost or are they just too lazy! A ‘hook’ or a question in a bio also makes it easier for someone to send you a message. It can be as simple asking what their guilty Binge watch on Stan is.

3. Only one or two Photographs On Tinder

The research found that having more than one or two photographs achieves better results. The data showed that 81% of users have a minimum of four photographs. It is important to have a variety of photographs painting a picture of your life. Do not include group photographs either, because it is hard to work out which one you are and people might like one of your friends better than you. Oh, and remember that you are only as good as your worst photograph.

4. Not Facing Forward

Tinder’s research found that people who face forward in their photos get 20% more swipes. You need to face the camera and get rid of the idea that you need to show your ‘best side’ as people want to see what you look like. Oh, and lose the weird angle photos as well.

5. Not Smiling

Smiling in your photographs will get you 14% more right swipes. Everyone likes happy, approachable people. It is something that instantly makes anyone more attractive and doesn’t cost a cent.

6. Not using GIF’s

When you get a match, sending a GIF (short animated image) will increase your replies by 30%! This is a simple way to improve your odds and get the conversation flowing.

7. Dull Colours

Wearing colour in your photographs will make you stand out. Tinder’s research found that 72% wore neutral colours like navy, beige, white or black in their first photograph. Wear a bright colour and be one of the 28% who wears colour and stands out.

8. Using Tinder’s Extra Features

Tinder has the Smart Photo Feature that continuously tests which of your photographs is the most popular. Using this feature increases your match rate by 12%. I know that people often put up the photographs that appeal to them but these photos don’t necessarily appeal to the opposite sex. However, when you use the Smart Photo Feature you can go with what really works.

Taking advantage of any apps features will put you ahead of the competition and that is what you want.

As you can see a few small changes can significantly improve your results. If you are struggling to achieve the success you deserve, why not book in a coaching call.

Here’s to your success.


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