9 Online Dating Safety Tips

By 29 January, 2015 December 28th, 2015 Blog
Online Safety tips

Perth Now recently reported that WA singles were scammed out of 11 million dollars online! A frightening statistic for daters.

Here are 9 tips to protect YOU:

  1. If something seems too good to be true, it usually is! One of the ladies scammed was 60 years old and was contacted by a ‘good looking, financially secure’ 40 year old. This guy ‘supposedly’ fell in love with her before they met. Now this falls into the too good to be true category!
  2. Do not spend a lot of time emailing or talking on the phone. Meet the person face to face to see if there is a connection and give you a chance to pick up on non-verbal signs. You can say ANYTHING online. If you are lonely emailing/phoning may fill a void; but if you don’t meet the person – it is NOT real. Treat all messages with caution when you don’t know the person.
  3. Don’t use the same picture on Facebook/LinkedIn or other applications as you do on an on-line profile. Why? Because if you use your real name (even just your first name) it is easy to search and match the picture.
  4. Alternatively if you are unsure of someone who has contacted  you and they give you their full name – do a Google search; even use photograph recognition software. In many fraud cases, the scammer had used a stolen identity.
  5. If someone on internet dating asks you to click on any type of link – DO NOT do so. The person may ask you if you want to see more photos and direct you through to a link, let them know they can post photos on the site. The link may contain a virus. Viruses can – secretly monitor your activities, scan for personal information, give scammers control over your computer, etc.
  6. Beware if a person tries to take you off line  quickly to an email address. Most email addresses will show the person your surname. It is just as easy to talk on the dating website where you have some protection.
  7. Never share financial information or certain personal information – such as you live alone.
  8. Beware of Location Aware Dating Apps. These apps can show your location.This could be a problem if a criminal finds out your home address and knows you are out. I would advise turning off the location features of your dating app, especially if they post your location to the site for others to view.
  9. My final tip is not to come across as paranoid to the person you are going on a date with. Why? Because it is off putting and makes you sound like a Stalker even though you are only conscious of your safety. I know of a case where a guy told the girl he had conducted a Google search on her and knew her full name, phone number and what she did for work. It actually ‘freaked’ the girl out and killed any chances they had of dating. I believe in this case the guy should have kept the information to himself until they knew each other better.

Remember Dare2Date offers safe face2face events and as always, happy dating.

Debbie xx

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