90% of Singles are Bored online – Simple Hacks to Improve your Odds online……

Did you know that 90% of singles are bored online? Online dating can be tough so I am going to share some simple hacks  to improve your odds online.

Data has found that men are three times more likely to swipe right on Tinder, and that the matching rate for women was 10.5% but only 0.6% for men.  These are not great odds for the men out there and research has found that the high level of rejection  is affecting men’s self-esteem!

This article will help you change that and stop making your matches bored!

Winning over the matches you  make and is easier than you  imagine.

Attractive singles have  often have lots of matches so it is important to stand out and not be the cause of making your match bored online!

5 Simple Hacks to Improve your Odds online and avoid boring your match……

1. Dating online is no different to in person

If you want to be successful online it is important to act how you would in real life. Going up to someone in a bar and saying ‘hey’ and nothing else barely gets a response. The online world is no different. The attractive single you want to talk to has many other people wanting to talk to them as well. Picture 20 messages saying hey and one saying something more interesting – which one do you think they will respond to? For  examples of a good and bad conversation read 11 Proven Ways to Be Successful Online.

With the popularity of Bumble, men tell me women are as guilty of the ‘Hey’ or ‘How are you’ as men. So ladies always remember how you hate those sorts of messages and be creative!

2. Stop Being in a Hurry

Men are often in too much of a rush to meet in real life. It is understandable that you want to meet ASAP so you don’t waste time talking to someone who you may not be attracted to. However, women need to feel safe and a feel connection before they meet up in real life. Dating for women is risky and you have to remember she is talking to a complete stranger. Making a woman feel comfortable does not have to take a long time either – it all comes back to having a good conversation.

Ladies I recommend that you don’t waste ages talking online either. Have a few good emails and move to a phone conversation. If you have a good conversation then arrange to meet in a public place. If you don’t have a good phone conversation you have saved yourself time and effort!

3. Connection Matters

Just like in dating in real life you need to build a connection with the person you are talking to  online. Interview questions do not do this, nor does trying to ‘sell’ yourself and convince the other person to date you.

Connection is more about banter! Take the outcome out of dating and you will be surprised at the different results you get. It also avoids the other person becoming bored with conversation. In fact, they will look forward to your messages!

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Debbie xxoxx

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