Annoying Habits Men should Avoid When Dating

By 18 May, 2013 December 28th, 2015 Blog
men bad habits

Men and women are totally different but there are some common things that women hate that men do. So guys it is probably best to avoid doing any of these things on a date!!!!!

1. Selective Hearing!

2. Bad eating habits – eating with your mouth open, spitting bits of food out of your mouth while eating, using your fingers instead of cutlery.

3. Continually adjusting your private parts!

4. Obviously ogling other women.

5. Bad body odour – always remember that smelling great can instantly make you more attractive.

6. Spending your whole date talking about your ex.

7. Only talking about yourself.

8. And lastly the key hate of all women is men who just don’t let you know they don’t want to see you again. Simply not ever calling after you have dated someone is totally unacceptable!!!! Be a man and have the courage to end things properly.

Good luck dating!

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