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approaching women

Without knowing how to approach women you will be missing out on soooo many great opportunities. Now approaching a beautiful woman may seem impossible to you with a little planning and practice you have a good chance of being successful. Much of it is trial and error and the more you do it the better you get at it. Now the one thing that I have found from running a dating business is that women DO NOT chose based on looks but on whether a guy is confident and believes in himself. If you follow the tips in this article you will leave less to chance.

Now believe it or not the best way to approach a woman is to use a natural, direct style. There is no need to put on an overly-confident act or try to be super funny. What most guys don’t realise is that a man who is himself and can talk to a woman with relaxed confidence is more impressive than any guy who uses crazy pick-up lines or tricks.

What you should know is we women WANT YOU TO APPROACH US. When you approach a woman it does two positive things for us –

  1.  Increases our self-esteem. When women aren’t approached they can start thinking they are ugly and unattractive to men. Beautiful women often are only approached by the guys they don’t want to be approached by – the players, the sleazy guys and guys who are too drunk.
  2. Gives us the chance to meet a guy. Women DO NOT generally approach men – it may happen on the odd occasion but recent surveys show that 90% of women never would. So if you don’t approach us how are we ever going to meet someone! Again we really do get tired of some of the guys who do approach us and would love to meet a great guy.

The best opening line is definitely not a pick up line but a direct approach like –‘Hi my name is Brad and I thought I would say hi, what’s your name?’ This is a natural, non-sleazy approach and makes it easier for the women to respond.

There are some simple tips for you:

  1.   Be yourself. Before you approach a woman you need to have self-confidence. Think of all the things you are good at and get rid of your doubts about your abilities. Try repeating some positive phase until you believe it yourself. Fear, desperation and lack of confidence put women off.
  2. As I said earlier beautiful women will rarely approach you, so there is no point waiting for something that is unlikely to happen.  When you see a women you like go straight up to her, don’t wait or overthink it. The longer you wait the more scared and uptight you will get. Also if you keep staring at a woman without approaching her you will just look creepy. Remember the more you do it and practice the better you become at it.
  3. Find common interests or things to compliment her on other than her looks.  You will stand out more if you are interested in her as a person.
  4. Be natural and relaxed. You won’t do well if you are uptight. It is only conversation and you successfully talk to people every day so there is no need to be tense or uptight. Have some sort of idea of what you are going to say, as this will make it easier. Avoid smiling too much – research has shown that women chose men who don’t smile; whereas men prefer a woman who smiles. Over smiling makes you look desperate whereas looking her straight in the eye conveys confidence.
  5. If you have approached the beautiful women with confidence and had a good conversation don’t stay too long. It definitely makes a woman more interested if you don’t appear too interested in her. Tell her you enjoyed talking but have to go.
  6. Don’t take rejection personally. You have met great women but wouldn’t want to be with them! Who can really define chemistry and why we chose one person above another. What I can tell you is, this isn’t personal at all so don’t take it that way.

Finally remember the more you practice, the less intimated you will feel and the more successful you will be. Keep in mind we women do want to meet guys and how will we do that if you don’t talk to us!!

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