Are you too shallow?

By 31 October, 2015 February 22nd, 2016 Blog
are you too shallow?
When I was 16 I had the biggest crush on Adam Ant EVER. Ok, I do question my judgement now, but I was 16, OK!!

I recently saw a picture of Adam Ant and I wouldn’t give him a 2ndglance now, let alone chose to date him!

I have run single events for 4 ½ years and the one thing I have found is the older singles get, the more judgemental they become!

Singles frequently tell me they find it difficult to meet someone great. However, when they see genuine singles online or at large events they write them off, without even talking to them.

It is a bit like my reaction to the aging Adam Ant!

I want to ask you, if you went online and saw an older version of  Adam Ant, Harrison Ford, Clint Eastwood, Keith Richards or Jack Nicholson would you want to date them!?

then and Now

When online or meeting singles are you subconsciously looking for the younger images of these people and feel disappointed with what you see?

I would recommend getting to know people and giving them a chance beyond a glance or a 5 minute conversation. As people age, they generally don’t look as great as their younger selves!

I think it is important to be real about what’s important! In the long run, how someone makes you feel is more important than how someone looks. There is nothing more amazing than being loved and  emotionally supported. Seriously, the happiest couples I know, wouldn’t be together if they had simply seen a photo or limited themselves to a 5 minute conversation. Therefore, my advice is don’t overlook people who may be the perfect person for you on shallow criteria.

It was interesting when I did a google search of aging celebrities it was more common to see men who had aged badly. There were fewer women out there but here are some I found!


Copy of then and Now


I would love to hear your thoughts on this!

Happy dating xxx


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