Things To Avoid During A Date – Men’s Advice to Women

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There are many things to avoid during a date for both sexes. However, this advice was provided from men’s real life experiences!

You may say it doesn’t matter, however, if you want to be successful at dating that cute guy it is important to know what will stop you getting a second date!

This advice was provided by men and is made up of common mistakes women make during and after a date that men HATE!

 Things to Avoid on a Date

  1. Women who give you too much information – men like a bit of mystery. It keeps them intrigued and makes them feel like they can’t wait to see you again.
  2. Women who are jealous and possessive. Men like space and don’t instantly want to spend every moment with you and have to account for what they are doing. This should happen over time. Men are attracted to you because you have your own life and it does scare them  when you want to instantly give up this life and spend every moment with them!
  3. It is NEVER a good idea to bring your kids on the first few dates! The men told me this has happened to them quite often!
  4. Don’t consistently talk about your ex! Of course this one goes for both sexes!
  5. Don’t bag your ex! It does not paint you in a good light!
  6. Not all men are bastards so don’t treat men like they are. Men tell me they are often penalised for what the last guy did and tell me they are not the last guy.
  7. Don’t pick engagement rings when first dating! This freaks men out! Oh, and yes they told me this has happened to them, whereas I thought that sounded a lot like the movie How to Lose a Guy in 10 Days!
  8. Don’t make the date an interview – your date does not want to feel like he is getting a score out of 10! Too many questions are not cool! You may feel like you are saving time but it has the opposite effect and can easily repel the man you are interested in.
  9. It is ok to ask him how long he has been out of a relationship but again don’t use it as an excuse to talk about your ex.
  10. Don’t discuss how many men you have been with, men really don’t want to know and some say they NEVER want to know!
  11. Women who stalk – this one secretly scares men and if we see a hint we want to run away!

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