Benefits of Being in Love

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Benefits of Love

There are so many benefits of falling in love – one big one is you can save a minimum of $8000 per year according to the Australian and Investment Securities Commission. It is expensive to live alone and the savings come from shared rent, utilities and living expenses. But apart from shared living costs there are endless health benefits from being in love, that will ultimately save you even more money.

Did you know that research from around the world has produced evidence to show people of all ages benefit from being in love. Here is a list of benefits:

– For some conditions and patients a cuddle can have healing powers. Cuddling literally kills depression, relieves anxiety and strengthens the immune system.

– If you kiss someone you love every morning you will live 5 years longer.

– When in love our bodies produce hormones that benefit every organ in our bodies.

  • When you are in love your body produces a natural form of amphetamine. The only other natural amphetamine is chocolate! No wonder we all love chocolate.
  • You look the best when you are in love.
  • Love makes you look younger, it reduces the chances of wrinkles and skin disorders.
  • Love reduces the chances of suffering badly when under stress.
  • Love gives you more energy.
  • You suffer less stress.
  • People in love life longer.
  • People in a healthy love relationship are emotionally secure.
  • People in love are self confident
  • When you are in love there is less abuse of alcohol and illegal substances.
  • People in love live a healthier lifestyle – they eat better and drink less.
  • People in love have better mental health with less depression.
  • Sex when in love calms you down and makes you less irritable/impatient, can help combat indigestion/stomach disorders and is great exercise.

With all these benefits it would make sense to invest in finding love! We invest in so many other areas of our lives, why not invest in the search for love. At least you will save a minimum of $8000 per year!

Another random fact for you – if you constantly change partners you are more likely to suffer heart disease!

How can you find love? First you need to be open to love and not be holding onto negative past experiences. When you are open there are so many ways to find love – try doing the things you love – happy people are attractive and very likely to meet the right person; try internet dating; speed dating; social events and then there is Matchmaking.

I am often asked what is match matching and why would you bother trying it? A match maker helps people find love by bringing together people who may not have otherwise met with the hopes of arranging a compatible relationship. A lot of research shows that people meet through friends and a good match maker will get to know you and know who suits you, just like a good friend.

So the benefits of match making are – someone who knows  you and will set you up with people who are a compatible, who are open and ready for love. This saves you time and energy.

Dare2Date does offer speed dating, dinner dating, social events and match making. We are passionate about helping you find love in your live and want you to enjoy all the benefits of being in love. I would also say don’t lose heart as from my experience running a dating business there are so many amazing singles out there.

So what are you waiting for?

Debbie xxx


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