Can I go to a Singles Event Alone or Will I Look Like a Loser?

By 11 September, 2022 January 16th, 2023 Blog
go to singles event alone

Can I go to a singles event alone or will I look like a loser?

This is a question I am asked all the time.

People tell me that they want to come to an event but all their friends are in relationships. They also say that they don’t want to look like a loser and or Nigel No Friends!

My answer to them is that no one will think they are a loser when they go to a singles event alone.

More people go alone than they do in groups. The reality is that it is also a much better way to meet new people.

Doing things alone can feel scary but it doesn’t have to be.

I know that it can be off-putting to start with. But when you realise everyone else is there for the same reason and probably feeling the same as you. The scariest part is over!

You might meet someone to date or a whole new group of friends (which is often way more valuable).

Having the confidence to come alone is hot – so go for it.

4 Reasons that it’s Good to Go to a Singles Event Alone

1. People are Single

Let’s face it getting the courage to walk up to a complete stranger who you don’t know is single is as hard AF! You worry that you might get punched in the face because they aren’t single! You don’t have that problem at a singles event because everyone there is single – it takes the stress away!

2. When You Go to a Singles Event Alone it Forces you to Talk to People

When you go to an event alone you are forced to talk to people rather than stay comfortably talking to your friend/s. It allows you to open up and talk to people you might not have met if your friends were there.

3. When you Go to a Singles Event Alone You Won’t Compete!

How often have you gone out with friends and they have either claimed that cute guy/girl or completed for them? When you go to a singles event alone that won’t happen.

4. You Get to Make Your Own Choices

When you go to an event alone you get to make your own choices. You won’t get talked into leaving before the event finishes because your friend is nervous. Usually, when you go on a date you get the chance to decide for yourself. I see way too many singles who have liked someone at an event and been talked out of it by their friends. Friends don’t always have the best intentions, they may prefer you to stay single! When you go to a singles event alone you get to make your own decisions about the people you meet without having your friends influence you with their prejudices!

Remember people are often thinking more about themselves and worrying about what you think of them than the other way around.

I highly recommend going to a singles event alone.

It may feel outside your comfort zone, but that’s where all the best things happen. The first time you go to a singles event alone will be the hardest, but then it gets easier. Who knows it may even only take one event!

Oh, and let’s face it you aren’t going to meet someone binge-watching the latest series on Stan.

Debbie Rivers – Dating/Relationship Coach

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