Why Can’t I Meet ‘The One’ – 4 Simple Tips to Attract Love

By 12 March, 2017 March 25th, 2017 Blog, Dating Tips
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The number one question I am asked is why can’t I meet ‘the one’.

Singles ask me where can they meet great singles and  if they even exist.  Singles are disheartened thinking that people aren’t looking for genuine commitment anymore.

I want to tell you this is simply NOT true – in fact in a recent study of 5,500 singles found that 68% of men are looking to find love in 2017.

We are  conditioned to think that ‘the one’ will just magically appear at the right time without any effort. We leave the biggest part of our lives and happiness to chance. This is CRAZY.

It you want to find love you need to prioritize it and take deliberate action. For anything else in our lives you would do that and love is no different.

It is time to devote  time to finding love in 2017 and to find out how to do that read Make 2017 the Year Dreams Come True.

Here are 4 Simple Tips for 2017:

  1. Dating is a numbers came! Did you know that it takes 7 dates to meet someone who you connect with! So schedule time to go on dates with different people. You will not meet anyone sitting at home.
  2. Enjoy the process – remember dating when you were younger you were not hung up on finding the perfect person. You simply had fun! Stop taking everything so seriously and enjoy meeting new people and the process.
  3. Don’t choose convenience over compatibility. Don’t be the person who doesn’t want to be alone and will settle for the person they meet at the time.
  4. So many people have a long list of what they are looking for in a partner but never stop and consider what they are bringing to the table. Take a good look at yourself and see what you have to offer. Look at some simple improvements you can make like updating your wardrobe, updating  your hairstyle, getting fit and healthy. Make the most of your single time and use it to become the best authentic version of yourself. Go find the things you genuinely love, you may not know what they are but you can have fun experimenting until you find them. Take the time to deal with your baggage and negative beliefs and learn to truly love yourself. You will be amazed at how when you put in this work you will attract the right person with minimal effort.

If you are struggling to meet the one, I recommend dating coaching. It will give you an honest, unbiased insight along with clear guidance to attract love in your life that your friends simply can’t give you.

Happy Dating.

Debbie xxoxx

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