Dating – 10 Effective Tips for Men to be Successful on a Date

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What do you say, how do you make the best impression, do you pay, etc. So many questions and factors to consider! Dating in 2018 can make even the most confident guy nervous! To help you out I want to share 10 effective tips for men on how to be successful on a date. These tips are from a women who knows what impresses women!

Simple changes WILL increase your success.

The top 10 tips for men to be successful on a date

  1. First Impressions Count
    You  get ONE chance to make a first impression, make yours count! Snap decisions are made on that first impression. Research has found how you present (what you wear, etc) matters to women.Women spend time and effort getting ready for a date and appreciate it if you put in the effort as well. Simple tips are: shower, shave, smell great, iron your clothes, make sure they are clean and no tracksuit pants on a date. For more tips on what to wear read  Men – 15 Tips to Look Sexier to Women
  2. Be a Man with a Plan
    Have plan for where you will go and what you will do on your date. You might think you are being polite letting your date choose but women actually like a guy with a plan. So often women have to organise everything else in their life that it is nice to be taken care of on a date.  Dating can feel stressful so I would also recommend choosing somewhere you feel comfortable. However, be considerate and choose somewhere that isn’t too far away from where your date lives.
  3. Be on Time
    Make sure you get to the location slightly early to make your date feel comfortable and safe. Girls don’t generally go out alone and feel uncomfortable waiting on their own for you to arrive. When you are there waiting for them it will make than feel comfortable and make a great first impression. If you have already gotten yourself a drink while waiting, make sure you offer your date one as well.
  4. Be confident
    Women find confidence sexy, which is great news because you don’t need to be the best-looking guy to be confident.  Confidence is not something you are born with and is a skill  you can learn, it’s in your control. Women chose the confident guy every time as they know they can count on him – I see this all the time at the events I run.  Guys I can tell you that women do not understand your fear of rejection and perceive this as weakness. Weak men do not make women feel safe and subconsciously this is what women are looking for. You don’t have to be the well-built 6ft guy to impress the girl, she will be impressed if you are comfortable with yourself. If you’re shy, start practicing talking to people you don’t know. When it comes to the actual date, talk about things you are passionate about as it will come across in your conversation and you will comfortable and be more confident.
  5. Don’t be all the talking
    Guys often fall into the trap of talking too much on a first date. It is like they go into salesman mode telling the girl all their good points. Believing if the girl hears enough, she  will chose him. Guys this has the opposite effect. Women are looking for connection on a date and want you to be interested in them and not talk solely about yourself.  A two way, fun light-hearted conversation is much more fun than your date having to listen to a monologue. You don’t want to be seen as boring on your date. If this date goes well, there will be lots more opportunities to share your stories in the future. Listening is important, as it shows that you are interested in what she has to say.
  6. Don’t Share too Much Info
    Too much information too quickly is a passion killer. Avoid talking about your past relationships, any health issues, how you hate your job or deep personal subjects. Many guys waste dates talking about their ex. If you need to talk about an ex that much on a first date it is a sure sign you are not over them. Keep your conversation fun, light-hearted and full of banter. sharing too much info gives the girl too many reasons to rule you out rather than in. There is plenty of time to get to know each other if your date goes well.  One of the top 3 things women like in a man is a guy who can make her laugh and who she can have fun with. That doesn’t mean you can’t be serious but it is a first date after all.
  7. Don’t make Dating SOOO Loaded
    Don’t  go into your date so loaded with pressure and expectation.  Your date may not be the person you spend the rest of your life with but that doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy a laugh with someone for a couple of hours. When we meet new friends we don’t approach it with so much expectation, we just meet someone we like and start hanging out. Don’t spend your date interviewing the girl to see if she meets your criteria. You can actually find out that information through your conversation. Ditch the judgement and be curious instead. Relax and enjoy the date instead.
  8. Turn off your phone
    If you are out on a date, turn your phone on silent and be fully present on your date. Be in the moment.
  9. Offer to pay
    I know we are living in an equal opportunity world but on a first date it will always impress a woman if you offer to pay. It shows you are a generous person and you will look like a gentleman. Girls may offer to pay but you don’t have to let them do it, in fact suggest she gets the bill on your next date, if she wants.
  10. What to do after the date
    Don’t ask your date if she wants to see you at the end of the date. That will put her in a difficult position if she doesn’t like you. She will often be polite and say yes rather than make things awkward. Then text you later changing her mind.Let her know you had a good time and contact her by text after the date. Do it that night or the next day, forget the 3 day rule. We live in an instant society and waiting too long doesn’t work.   If you aren’t interested in seeing her don’t say you will call her when you have no intentions of doing so, simply say thank you for tonight. Often people don’t want to hurt people so they may give them some hope, but that ends up hurting the person more in the long run.

Now you have these tips, all you need to do is to go out and enjoy the date!

Debbie xxoxx

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