Dating Tips 4 Guys

By 21 November, 2012 December 28th, 2015 Blog
dating tips for guys
  1. Let go of your fears!
  2. Meet girls in the places you like to go; at least then you know you have similar interests.
  3. When you are interested in a girl don’t just stare at her for a long time. This will give the girl the creeps and give her the impression you are dodgy. If you like her, approach her straight away!
  4. Don’t worry about finding the perfect chat up line! Girls like a guy who has the confidence to talk to them.
  5. Don’t over think what you are going to say to her. When you are relaxed you will have more fun.
  6. Although don’t be too relaxed! Using swear words (such as F’s and C’s), picking your teeth, eating with your mouth open, scratching your balls, etc. is guaranteed to put her off!
  7. Don’t spend the whole time you are with a girl thinking about what you are going to say next. Try listening to her!
  8. Be honest with a girl – if you are not interested in a girl don’t come up with some lane excuse like you are leaving the state, not over your ex. Also don’t just stop taking to her. It really is ok to say that they are a nice person but there isn’t enough chemistry to keep seeing them. When you are honest with people it helps them move on and doesn’t damage their self-esteem. Breaking up properly won’t kill you.
  9. Finally trying something like speed dating as it is a great way to meet 10-15 woman and helps increase your confidence.

Good luck.

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