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Dating trends

Will each new year comes new dating trends and this year is no different. If you are curious to know what the dating trends are for the new year, this blog will give you the answer. Dating app Plenty of Fish polled almost 7000 members in its fifth annual list of dating trends.

They found that singles were experiencing uncertainty and clarity all at the same time when it comes to relationships.  This shows just how much the global pandemic has influenced dating and will continue to do so. If you want to compare to last year, you can by looking at 2021 Dating Predicitions.

Let’s Look at the 2022 Dating Trends

1. Handticipation – one of the Biggest Dating Trends

Is being unsure about what sort of physical contact is acceptable after social distancing. This is the anxiety that happens when you don’t know if it is okay to shake your date’s hand, hug them, wave or elbow bump! Of all the dating trends, 64% have experienced handticipation and how awkward this trend really is!

It depends where you are in the world to how much impact this has had. I know in Perth, Western Australia people have pretty much gone back to shaking hands! Although, it is interesting to know that a study of over 5000 singles found that 40% of women would prefer not to shake hands or hug on a first meeting. Personally, I feel shaking hands is much too business-like for dating.

2. Communidatinga New Dating Trend

Is where you use dating apps to make new connections and friends, 50% of singles, including 57% of Gen-Z, have made new friendships by using a dating app this year. As far as dating trends go this one is positive as everyone needs friends, right?

3. Dar-WIN-ing – Science Affects Dating Trends

Is when you won’t date someone because they don’t believe in science. This could be anything from flat-earthers, people who don’t believe in global warming to anti-vaxxers, a third of singles know someone who has done this, including nearly a quarter of Gen-Zers.

4. Déjà vu-ing 

As far as dating trends go, this is all too common as, after all, most people are creatures of habit.  It is where you do the same types of things with the new person as you did with your ex! A third of singles have done this to someone they were dating, and half knew someone who has done this. However, it is not something that you are going to tell your new crush is it?

5. Gambiting

Think of a game of chess, gambiting is where you take a calculated and strategic approach to dating. Again as far as dating trends go, this one is a smarter approach than leaving everything to change. 31% of singles say they do this and a third of Gen-Z do it.  It could be as simple as choosing a place for your date where it isn’t too loud or that has a good vibe. Knowing what you are going to wear, how to have a great convo and how to follow up after a date is always a good strategy.

In my opinion, this is a smart move as dating is a skill just like any other and as a dating coach, I help singles have a winning game plan and strategy.

6. Hesidating

This is when you aren’t sure what you want. In fact, you feel a bit indifferent to the whole thing. You don’t know if you want to be serious or casual as life is just so uncertain in the wake of a global pandemic. For 70% of singles, hesidating is a reality!

7. Megxit-ing – Dating Trends Affected by the Royals!

This is about ending what you feel is a toxic relationship with your family or friends especially when they are having a negative effect on your relationship. 50% of singles have been guilty of megxiting and following the example of royalty.

8. Moderna Love

This dating trend is a direct response to COVID-19 and the fear it brings. Vaccination status matters to singles and is seen as one of the must-have attractive/desirable traits! Your vax status is now a must know if you are going to get a date.

9. Resigning

In the past year, there has been a high number of breakups caused by the perspective found during the pandemic. One-in-five women have done this and 1/4 were Baby Boomers! The “Great Resignation” has spread to personal lives. Standards are becoming higher and settling is out.

10. Transformate-ing 

This isn’t anything new and it is becoming like your other half by dressing and acting like them. A quarter of singles have done this, including almost 50% of Gen-Zers. The reality is we become like the people we spent the most time with and research even backs this up.

11. Weekend Up-Dating

Mmmm, as far as dating trends go this one doesn’t seem so nice to the person you were dating. This is using each new relationship as a step up to date someone even better. Think more successful, better looking and someone you have more chemistry with.   1-in-5 singles say they have “upgraded” with each new person/relationship. In the word of Arianna Grande – next!

12. Baecationing

This is definitely an American term, a bae is a term for someone’s boyfriend/girlfriend and vacation is the American term for holiday! For many singles who have spent months inside, they want to get out on holidays again. Baecationing is inviting someone you have just started dating or a blind date on holiday because of YOLO!  A third of singles and 43% of Gen-Z have experienced this.

Dating Trends Conclusion

Many of these dating trends, especial hesidating and handticipation are examples of how the pandemic has changed our lives. Handshakes, especially were just what people used to do! Interestingly now they can be dealbreakers for some or just slightly uncomfortable for others.

The good news, though, is that singles have become more comfortable with communication and being able to talk about what was and wasn’t acceptable for them. Because in the midst of a pandemic it is much more important to know if you are comfortable/willing to kiss on a date or not.

If you are new to the dating world or are struggling to get the success you deserve, why not book in for a free discovery call?

More About the Survey

Almost 6,700 American based Plenty of Fish users were polled online in October 2021. They were aged 18-60 with 62% identifying as male and 37% female.

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