Do You Get Rid of that Embarrassing Photo Before Dating?

By 4 October, 2018 Blog, Dating Tips

Do you get rid of the that ‘embarrassing’ photo before dating? Facebook, Instagram and Pinterest can be fun, but have you ever taken the time to look at yourself online? Do you have embarrassing photos or things that could be taken the wrong way?

It is a fact most singles google a date before meeting! Around 42% of singles say they would cancel the date if they didn’t like what they saw!

With this in mind what does your social media profile say about you? What would you find if you googled yourself?

What impression does it give?Is there something that could put a potential partner off?

I recommend you avoid looking at your date’s social media before meeting, as it is too easy to get the wrong impression. People change, what you see online isn’t an accurate reflection of life and it is too easy to rule someone out on something that doesn’t matter. It is best to leave your first impression to when you meet in real life.

Although, I know that most people will still snoop!

With this in mind, take an objective look at your social media and  get rid of anything that may be embarrassing or give the wrong impression.

In fact, this is not limited to dating it also applies to any job you may want in the future. I can guarantee your prospective employer will also review your social media before employing you.

Do all your photos make you look like a binge drinking alcoholic? Things like drunken overseas photos or seeing you with people way hotter, will influence how people think of you. If in the past you have written inappropriate comments or supported unusual causes, or had strong political views you may be giving an impression that might not necessarily reflect who you are now.

Or they could even find a Spotify Playlist and decide they could never date someone who listened to ‘that’!

Of course, you don’t want to create a completely false impression of yourself!  I don’t believe everyone should only post happy pictures of picnics in the park. But my advice would be to be very careful about what you post on a public forum.  The Internet is, after all, the world wide web!

Basically, get rid of anything you wouldn’t want your date to see.

Delete the photos that you think paint you in a bad light, but don’t cut too much out of your life. You don’t want to be left with only smiling selfies. Otherwise you can run the risk of looking too fake!

It is up to you to decide what is ‘embarrassing’ and how you want the world to view you. If you enjoy going to parties you don’t have to delete every party photograph. Your timeline is about your life and you, so you don’t need to get rid of everything as you have to be authentic.

5 Things to Consider

  1. Relationship status updates. Do you declare to the world the minute you start dating someone that you are in a relationship? This can give the impression you are a serial dater, crazy, an attention seeker or a commitment phoebe!
  2. Using Social Media as a ‘misery diary’.  Social Media is not the place to talk about all that is wrong in your life! Do that with your friends in person, rather than for the whole world to see. Remember what you say on Facebook can affect your life in the future.
  3. Avoid sexy photographs of yourself, it can create the wrong impression. Guys, shirtless pictures just for the sake of a shirtless picture will have the same affect.
  4. Complaining about friends, work or a partner. No-one likes someone who is constantly complaining and this will paint a poor picture.
  5. Don’t use Facebook to put down an ex or argue with an ex.  Anyone who is thinking of starting a relationship with you will see how you behave when the relationship is over and judge you.

Debbie xxoxx

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