Effects of Ending a Relationship

By 8 May, 2013 December 28th, 2015 Blog
ending a relationship

Dating can be a lot of fun but can also be tough. It can be hard to find a person you want to have a relationship with. It can take taking meeting lots of different people to find out exactly what you want and what fits you.
Dating requires people to end a relationship with a person who isn’t right for them. How you do this has an impact on both people. Did you know that how you end a relationship has a huge impact on the quality of your next relationship? Good endings make good beginnings.

If you end a relationship feeling either guilty or resentful it makes it hard to move onto someone who is right for you. The person who has been rejected can feel resentful and the rejecter feels guilty. The effect of both of these emotions is you end up with a closed heart. When your heart is closed you end up making the same mistakes over and over again – you end up being attracted to a person who will help you deal with your unresolved feelings/issues. Our motivation is to fix the things we regret and then we end up being attracted to another similar person who we ultimately regret meeting. This pattern needs to be broken!
However, if you have experienced a positive relationship that ended, you are better able to move on and be attracted the right person.

So always end a relationship with respect for the person. Never just cease contact with the person but explain to them that they may be a great person but not the one for you. Imagine how you would want to be treated and treat the person accordingly. This way you can both move on with an open heart to find the perfect relationship rather than simply creating more baggage.

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