How to enjoy Valentines Day when you are Single

By 4 February, 2014 January 24th, 2017 Blog
Valentines Day

There are two times of year that can be hard if you are single – Valentines Day and Christmas Day. Personally I think Christmas Day is worse as it can involving sharing children.

Valentines Day reminds us of happy couples and people in love. Well meaning people use it to remind singles they are ALONE! They love to ask why  someone like YOU is single!

But don’t let Valentines Day get you down or make you feel bad about your single status.

Perception is everything, so look at the advantages of being single. You have the freedom to do as you like, you don’t have to stress about finding the perfect present or coming up with a romantic surprise. Or alternatively you are not in the situation where you have a partner who doesn’t believe in Valentines Day. Valentine’s Day is commercial and I know of a lot of couples who refuse to celebrate it. We can all be guilty of being that all those coupled people are having an amazing time but the grass isn’t always greener on the other side.

Valentines Day is really just another day and it is what you make of it – you can chose to downplay it or create your own reasons to celebrate it. Here are some tips to enjoy your day:

  1. Plan your Valentine’s Day so you aren’t stuck at home feeling sorry for yourself. Get together with other single friends or with people you love like family members. If you have something to look forward to you don’t have time to feel like you are missing out.
  2. Spoil yourself – celebrate you and make the day all about you. Give yourself a spa package, get yourself flowers or chose the jewellery you would love. No need to wait for someone to do it for you.
  3. Go after what you want. If spoiling yourself is a little over the top do the opposite and use the day to finish (or start) something you’ve been meaning to do.
  4. You aren’t the only person coping with being single on Valentine’s Day, so why not find some others who are struggling and do something different like an unexpected surprise? Perform random acts of kindness.
  5. Try something you have never tried before – dance classes, singing lessons, art classes, horse riding, sky diving, cooking classes – whatever really. Just try something new.
  6. If you do want to meet someone believe it or not the lead up to Valentine’s Day  and Valentine’s Day itself, is the perfect time. Single people who don’t usually go to singles events do at this time of year. With this in mind Dare2Date offers a fun way to spend your Valentine’s Day with people who are in the same position – events.
  7. You can also use to the time to start to think about how you can create the relationship you want. Work at becoming the person your dream partner would want to be with. Like attracts like! Start counselling if you need it, take up meditation or yoga, volunteer, do something to change the world, be creative. Believe it or not when you are living a full life you are likely to attract love.
  8. But most of all remember that a relationship doesn’t define who you are! Our jobs don’t define us nor does being single!

Happy Valentine’s Day – have an awesome day, you deserve it.


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