7 Principles Couples Weekend Workshop

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Being a Relationship Coach for over a decade I know that it can be hard enough to meet the right person, right? So when you do you want to make sure that you have the right foundation to make your relationship last.

This workshop gives you the tools you need to create the right foundation.

The Workshop is for you if:

  • Dating
  • Engaged/pre-marital
  • Couples living together
  • Everyone from newlyweds to seniors.
  • Those who want to enhance their relationship/marriage
  • Couples who want to have better conflict management tools

Do You Want to….

 Have the best relationship possible?

Make sure you don’t fail like so many couples these days?

Have a good foundation to keep your relationship healthy from the start?

Or, sometimes….

Get stuck, arguing, going around in circles about the same stuff?

Have trouble understanding each other’s point of view?

Feel like the friendship between you is not as strong as it was?

What if…….

I told you that I had a way that you could improve your relationship? That I could show you a way to create a friendship that goes the distance as well as being full of romance and intimacy. So you can understand and have real insight into your partner as well as how to work through any conflict that comes up?

Maybe you think it isn’t possible?

Because even if there was a way, it would take too much time, effort and energy that you couldn’t do it. Let alone try to convince your partner to do it!

But, hear me out for a minute. There’s a workshop called The Seven Principles of Making Marriage Work (includes couples who aren’t married as well) that makes it easy!

     This workshop will:

  • Give you evidence-based relationship tools/skills to radically improve romance, intimacy and friendship between you both.
  • Teaches you how to communicate with each other.
  • Helps you solve conflict constructively.
  • Give you the skills to solve your solvable problems and deal with gridlocked problems.
  • Create shared meaning in your relationship
  •  Maintain your wins throughout your life/relationship

The best part is it’s cheaper than a divorce and the emotional toll of a break-up!

Having a happy relationship will make you happier, healthier and even wealthier.  And that isn’t just my opinion, it’s based on research! The research found that the lack of having a strong relationship is the same risk as smoking 15 cigarettes a day and increases your risk of dying early by 50%.  Troubled relationships cause stress, lower your immunity whereas happy relationships improve your health and happiness.

The reality is that most couples spend on average 10 minutes a day talking!

And that 10 minutes is mostly about their to-do lists! No wonder they aren’t as strong as they could be!

It is time to put the same effort into your relationship as you do into other areas of your life like career or health as it does have a huge impact.

Again, research by the Gottman Institute found that most couples wait an average of six years before getting help in their relationships.

By that time, they are stuck in patterns that are making them unhappy!

Six years of unhappiness takes its toll. Instead of waiting for your relationship to fall apart be proactive!

 This workshop will strengthen your relationship. It is two days to put time aside to work on the most important thing – your relationship.


This workshop is two days where you will have time to improve your relationship!

   The Workshop:

  • Teaches you the skills you need in a fun and easy to understand way.
  • Is practical and you can use the tools in your relationship straight away.
  •  Gives you time to work on your relationship!

It is a two-day, 12-hour Seven Principles Workshop that will give you evidence-based tools to help you improve the quality and satisfaction of your relationship. You will do this through teaching and private couples exercises.


This workshop is NOT group therapy. Nor is it one of those events where you will be asked to share personal stories in front of strangers! Couples exercises are private.

Strictly limited to 10 couples only!

This Workshop is suitable for YOU if…

  •  Dating
  •  Engaged/pre-marital
  •  Couples living together
  •  Everyone from newlyweds to seniors.
  • Those who want to enhance their relationship/marriage
  • Couples who want to have better conflict management tools

This Workshop is NOT Suitable for YOU if…

  • Experiencing severe relationship distress
  • Emotional Abuse
  • Domestic violence
  • Active addictions (alcohol, drugs, sexual, gambling, etc)
  • Serious mental health problems in one or both partners.

The Seven Principles Workshop Includes:

  • Two days of presentations and practical exercises using the Gottman Seven Principles.
  • Seven Principles of Making Marriage Work Boxed Set Valued at $85 – Box Set which includes the Seven Principles Book which is a New York bestseller, Two Couples Workbook7 Principles Workshops and 2 Decks of Couple Cards
  • Opportunity to practice skills with our partner in a safe, private environment.
  • Morning tea, tea and coffee will be provided.

About the Gottman Seven Principles

This workshop is based on the New York Times bestseller The Seven Principles for Making Marriage Work by Dr John Gottman, PhD.  It takes a straightforward approach yet is profound in its effect.

For over 40 years Dr Gottman scientifically analysed couples to find out what worked and what didn’t work. As a result, he is able to predict with 91% accuracy which couples will divorce and which couples will stay together.

 This workshop uses his ground-breaking work to teach you real-life strategies to make your relationship work

You will come away with evidence-based tools to build a relationship that lasts. This will work for you if you are a brand-new couple, a couple going through the 7-year itch or one who has been together for 30 years.

Be proactive and learn from decades of research about healthy relationships.

The Presenter 

Debbie Rivers is an authorised Seven Principles Leader and has completed Level 1 &.2 Gottman Method Couples Therapy. As well as Extended DISC Practitioner, Master NLP Coach, Master mBIT Coach, EDMR Practitioner, Practitioner of Hypnotherapy & Certified Matcher by the Matchmakers Institute of New York. 

Debbie is a Relationship Expert who works with singles and couples. She is passionate about relationships as she knows that the quality of your relationship affects all areas of your life.  Debbie’s been doing this for over a decade and is consumed with empowering people to be successful in all their relationships. Debbie’s motto is that it is never too late to have the life/relationship you want you have imagined.

Frequently Asked Questions

Will we have to have our personal problems and issues with the group?

No. The workshop does not include sharing problems/issues publicly. The couple’s exercise is done privately between the couple.

Where will the workshop be held?

The Function Room at the Saint George Hotel, 2 Morris Road Innaloo. It will go from 9 am to 5 pm on both days.

My partner isn’t a reader. Can we still come to the workshop if he/she won’t read the book?
Yes, still come. The book provides valuable information; however, the class lectures will summarise the content of the book. Each person will need the companion workbook to do the couple’s exercises efficiently.

 Do both partners have to attend or can I come alone?

Because the workshop involves couples doing exercises together, both partners must participate.

Should we do the exercises in the book at home or save them for the class?
The class will involve doing some of the exercises from the book so doing them first at home would duplicate some of them. In some cases, the directions for doing the exercises in class have been reviewed and updated from those presented in The Seven Principles book. The Educators also role-play how to, and how not to do some of the exercises in order to help you get the most out of each exercise. There are some exercises in the book that the class will not have time to do, and couples are encouraged to do them at home after that chapter has been covered in class.

The 2-day Couples Workshop costs $600 for a couple

Strictly Limited to 10 Couples

Saturday 30th April & Sunday 1st May 2022

The event will be held upstairs in the function room.

Reserve Your Seat
  • Couples Workshop
    30 April, 2022 - 1 May, 2022
    8:00 am - 5:00 pm


Venue Phone: 08 9446 2424

2 Morris Road, Innaloo, Western Australia, 6018, Australia

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