Does Fate/Destiny Bring you the Person of your Dreams?

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Person of Your Dreams

I am always talking to singles about speed dating and I am genuinely surprised at how many guys tell me they are waiting for fate/destiny to bring them the girl of their dreams! I must be sexist as I expect this answer from girls but not from guys. Although we have all grown up with Disney movies about true love. So let’s look at the dictionary meaning of Fate and Destiny.


Fate – That which is inevitably determined, destiny.

Destiny – The inevitable or necessary fate, to which a particular person is destined, one’s lot.  Also – A predetermined course of events considered as something beyond human control.

After looking at the meanings of these words do you really believe that the person of your dreams has been predetermined and this choice is beyond your control? Is there just that one person for you?

So let me make a comparison – when you want to buy a new car do you believe the new car is predetermined? No! You would actually go and look for the car that you want, oh and there may be more than one car you could see yourself in! You don’t think you are just going to bump into your car, you will actually go looking for the perfect car and usually you won’t limit yourself to one place to buy your new car from. You will go looking in the newspaper, various publications, online, car yards, etc, etc. I don’t think you would really worry too much where you got the car from as long as it was what you were looking for and at the price you wanted.

So when you are looking to meet a new partner why do think differently?A new partner rarely arrives at your door, you actually have to go places to meet them. Now just like when you want a new car you go to lots of different places the same applies to meeting single people.

The places can include places like speed dating, singles events and internet dating. As well as at work, through friends and when you are out and about.

So if you are look to meet someone try something different, after all you may just find what you are looking for.

Happy Dating

By Debbie Rivers

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