Fleabagging and other Dating Trends going into 2020

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Fleabagging and other trends

Fleabagging and other Dating Trends Going into 2020

Going into 2020 you will find fleabagging and various other dating trends! Some of these are good and some of these are bad!

Online dating is now the number one way for Australians to meet and there is finally a study to prove it. The Australia Talks National Survey of over 54,000 Aussies found that one third met their partners online. The second most popular way to meet was through friends (21%) and coming in third was meeting at work (13%). The survey also found that getting together with a colleague, or a friend’s mate, has been decreasing since the beginning of the millennium.

Plenty of Fish (POF) polled over 1,000 US and 1,000 UK members 18-50 to find out the issues/trends. Although the poll is not Australian, I see the same behaviours every day. here in Australia.

As a result of the poll, they identified and coined eight new dating terms/trends that will continue into the new decade.

8 Dating Trends

1. Fleabagging

I see fleabagging with most of the clients I work with and I believe it is one of the biggest things keeping people single. Fleabagging is dating someone who you know is wrong for you.  POF found that 50% of singles “consistently dated the wrong person for them.” Crazy but true! Women were guiltier of fleabagging than men with 63% admitting to it whereas only 38% of men were fleabaggers. If you want a different result in your dating life it is time to ditch fleabagging! It can be a tricky pattern to break out of and if you don’t know how to do that then you will find that a dating coach can enable to break free.

2. Kanye’d

This term was inspired by rapper Kanye West. Getting Kanye’d means that your date will spend the whole time talking about themselves. They will talk about what they enjoy doing, what inspires them and talking about what they have achieved.  They will talk so much about themselves that they don’t take the time to find out about you. POF found that 45% of respondents had one of these disaster dates. I love this one and find that a lot of men are guilty of doing this. It comes from the thought that they need to sell themselves to win their date over. However, it has the opposite effect. People are looking for a conversation that flows and everyone wants to be with someone that is interested in them rather than being only interested in talking all about themselves. If you want a 2nd date, don’t fall into the trap of Kanye’ ing your date!

3. Glamboozled 

This is where you get all dressed up for a date – “glammed up”! You are looking forward to the date only to have it cancelled just before you are meant to meet. Honestly, this is one of the worst feelings and a waste of good makeup! POF found this had happened to 58% of the poll’s respondents. This is a dating behaviour to DITCH!

 4. Dial toning 

This is where you give out your phone number only to be ignored by the person you gave it to. According to POF, 60% of users have experienced this! I believe this figure is so high as in the online space people give out their phone number before someone is ready to call them. This is the equivalent of walking up to a stranger in a bar, giving them your number and hoping they will call you! That will rarely happen unless you are a celebrity!

 5. Type-casting

This is a new one and one-quarter of singles polled knew someone who has done this. It is when you will only date someone who has the same “love language,” or who is a compatible Myers-Briggs match, or star sign match.

 6. Yellow Carding

There is a lot of bad behaviour in the online space and singles are tired of it. Yellow carding is calling the other person out for bad/rude behaviour. POF found that 27% of respondents had yellow carded a match. This is a trend I like, as no-one should accept bad/rude behaviour. It is important to remember that people will only treat you how you allow them to.

7. White Clawing

White clawing is when someone stays with their partner because they find them attractive yet boring. The poll found 42% of respondents knew someone with white claws. Crazy as looks rarely make you happy long term, it is much more important to make a choice based on how someone makes you feel when you are with them.

8. Eclipsing

This is a little bit like bait and switch! Eclipsing is taking up the person you want to attract interests/hobbies/favourite things to do. It is one of the reasons many relationships fail – there is no point pretending to be someone you are not or like something you don’t to win someone over. POF found that 45% of respondents were guilty of eclipsing! My advice is always be  your authentic self.

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Here’s to your success.

Debbie x

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