Do you Know What you are Looking For?

By 11 November, 2013 January 14th, 2016 Blog
know what you are looking for

I have been running speed dating and social events for Perth singles for the a few years now. At these events I get a wide range of singles from all walks of life and the one thing that has struck me is that many of these singles have no idea what they are looking for.

So if you are single, do you know what you are looking for in a partner? Or do you just randomly date a range of single people to find out? Personally I am not a fan of so narrowly defining what you are looking for that you rule out great people. But I do believe it is a good idea to know what is important to you.

A good exercise to help you know what is important to you and what you hate is to look at the last few people you have dated. Make a list of the top five qualities each of them had that you liked. Then write a list of the five qualities they had that you hated. This exercise helps you work out what you like and what you don’t like. For me the exercise showed me that at different stages of my life I have looked for different things. However, the qualities I love in a guy are very similar. It will show you what you value and what you hate.

Happy dating x


By Debbie Rivers

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