Funny take on How to Flirt

By 20 May, 2015 January 14th, 2016 Blog

This article is a funny take on flirting and is contributed by a male subscriber.

Flirting!! The dictionary definition is: ‘Behave as though sexually attracted to someone in a playful way rather than with serious intentions.’

Really? Easy! I can do that! A few vino’s and evolution progresses……..NOT!!

A preconceived act?

Can I learn this?

How will it be received?

All good questions but?????? Well people in my opinion it is just timing! I slipped and fell in a supermarket, what am I?

One person’s retarded clumsy fool, a funny individual, the clown or a victim awaiting help and sympathy? You as the individual can’t decide for the public, your future partner.  It was an accident but fate is a strange beast and you may have just tamed it. Bingo! Life’s good.  But to go out on purpose? Ooh! That takes guts, timing and ….really! Desperation..ha ha

But life is full of flirts that are undetectable to some and obvious to others. Opening that door for the pretty girl and yet letting it slam in the poor guys face behind her.  Letting her go first in the supermarket as she only has a microwave meal for one. Not planned yet it happens and its spur of the moment.

How do we make this harder? We plan it! You can just hear the jaws theme playing in her head right now!! This will get the adrenaline going……

The planning……………The place……………………….the VICTIM!!!!!

Yet again you might as well be in that supermarket falling over!

Are you sneaky? Make them feel guilty, they pushed in front of you! Bumped into you! Yep, you can go on the offensive, let them do the work and make it up to you!

Or subtle ‘I couldn’t help but notice your flies undone…maybe not…just yet ha ha.

I love your: shoes, jacket, dress, hair. The list is endless and it breaks the ice and they at least will know its them you noticed and its a confidence booster and they will be far more conducive to further conversation.

Playful – laugh at the choices they make in their food basket, their drink at the bar, choice of car or even heaven forbid supporting the Eagles! It is not hard to get a reaction.

But you know what? It is a look that counts; if you think someone is looking at you and they grab your interest, you may even think ‘what if’. So look back, hold eye contact, if you are in a bar there will always be the opportunity to find a reason to get closer. If you notice them and they notice you then, Obi Won, you have flirted!

Wasn’t so hard was it?

Trust me, just go with it!

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