Grande-ing-the healthy dating trend for 2019

By 23 December, 2018 Blog, Dating Tips

Grande-ing is the healthy dating trend for 2019!

Finally, there is a good/healthy dating trend that doesn’t involve ignoring people or cheating – Grande-ing.

Grande-ing comes from Ariane Grande’s hit Thank U where she thanks her past partners for how they’ve helped her learn and grow. She lists her exes, says what they taught her and says that‘I’m so fucking grateful for my ex’. Ariana said one taught her love, one taught her patience, and one taught her pain. It is all about learning from the past and growing.

The term Grande-ing came from Plenty of Fish. PoF found 46% admit to Grande-ing and that women Grande significantly more than men,  (53% for women, 40% for men). Age also matters with  older people are more likely to be grateful for their exes.

It may seem hard if you had a terrible break up or you were badly hurt by your ex. But even if you broke up in the worst possible way, there can still be something positive to learn – even if it is just to value yourself more!

You can be grateful for your exes. For what they’ve taught you and embrace 2019 with a fresh perspective. If things didn’t work out in 2018, this trend will help you be wiser, braver and stronger going into the new year.

Grande-ing is Healthy for 6 Reasons

1. Grande-ing is about what you learnt

Even if you broke up in the worst possible way, it’s likely that you can still learn something positive. Relationships teach us about ourselves, the good and the bad. So it is time to discover the gift that you were meant to learn from your exes.

Here are some examples of what they were there to teach you:

  • The person came in your life to show you didn’t really love yourself;
  • To show you what you really want in a relationship;
  • For you to realise what you your patterns are;
  • They came into your life to show you that you didn’t think you were worthy of love and it was time to change that;
  • It could be that the heartbreak was so bad that you knew it was time for you to change.
  • … and there are many, many others…what are your lessons?

2. Grande-ing shows you what you really want in a relationship

It allows to look at what you really want in a relationship, to have clarity. It can be all to easy to allow attraction/chemistry to make your choice in a partner rather than looking at the qualities and values that they have.

3.Grande-ing teaches you to value yourself

Maybe you put up with treatment that you shouldn’t have? Or always put the other person first? It is important to be able to value yourself and not twist out of shape to make someone else happy. Remember the airline safety drill where they instruct you to put on your own air mask before helping a child? The same applies to valuing yourself so you can have a healthy relationship.

4. Grande-ing allows you to make a better choice next time

It can be all too easy to put the blame on the other person but remember you chose them! Choosing the right person is the key to having a good relationship. If you do what you have always done, you will get what you have always gotten. Rather than be driven by the superficial it is time to look at what you need in a healthy relationship.

5. Grande-ing allows you to embrace dating with a fresh perspective

To find the person you are looking for your perspective is important. Bitter unhappy people rarely create a healthy relationship. Having a fresh, healthy perspective will be a game changer.

I hope you have found this article helpful and remember we are always here to support you in your dating challenges and specialise in helping you move on from the past to create the relationship you had only imagined. Feel free to send an email to

Debbie xxoxx

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