Gratitude is a Buzz Word – Can it Improve your Dating Life?

By 3 April, 2017 Blog
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Gratitude is a buzz work – can gratitude improve your dating life?

Hell yeah!

It may be a buzz word that you are sick of seeing on Facebook or Instagram but gratitude is a buzz word because it works!

Studies have found that gratitude will:

  • Increase your happiness by 25%.
  • Makes you more attractive.
  • Open the door to more relationships – studies have found new acquaintances are more likely to be friends with you when you say thank you.
  • Increases your confidence.
  • Increases your energy.
  • Makes you more relaxed.
  • Helps you sleep better.
  • Improves your health – both physical and mental.
  • Increases your empathy and decreases aggression.
  • Increases your creativity.
  • Allows you to bounce back from setbacks easier.

So many amazing benefits – why wouldn’t you want to do it!

Gratitude is appreciating everything you have – big and small. It is about being present in the moment and being able to notice the small stuff that life is made up of, instead of waiting for life’s big achievements like getting married, having children, buying a house, etc.

Gratitude shifts your focus from what your life lacks to seeing all you have! It then works to bring more good things into your life because that is where your focus is. The thing is we do end up getting what we focus on that is why focusing on the good things will bring you more!

It is all too easy to take what you have for granted so her is a simple exercise to try:

Imagine losing the things you take for granted like living in a comfortable home, getting around easily in your car, being able to walk, to see, to hear, having people who love you. Then imagine getting them back one by one – imagine how grateful you would be!

To practice gratitude I recommend you do these 3 things EVERY day:

  1. Buy yourself a journal – call it your gratitude journal. In your journal write down 3 things that you are thankful for. Do this every day, either first in the morning or before you go to sleep.
  2. Everyday tell your partner, friend or family member something you appreciate about them.
  3. Look in the mirror first thing in the morning and tell yourself something you like about yourself and something you have recently done well.

Take these steps using gratitude and you will transform your dating life.

Debbie xxoxxx



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