Green Flags

By 30 September, 2013 January 14th, 2016 Blog
green flags

Instead of looking for what you don’t want in a relationship, why not look for what you want? I have listed some healthy traits and green flags to look for. Please note the person you are interested in may not have everything listed,but if they have less than half beware!

• Has good self-esteem.

• Will introduce you to their friends and family.

• Respects you and your boundaries.

• Comfortable discussing feelings – past and present.

• Financially stable and can handle financial issues without losing control.

• Has good relationships with their families but are still independent of them. If a woman hates her dad or a man hates his mum you will have issues. Look for someone who has dealt with these.

• Is capable of being vulnerable.

• Does not rely on alcohol or drugs. If either significantly changes their personality – beware!

• Do not need to seek attention to feel good about themselves. They should be comfortable and secure about themselves and be happy with your attention.

• Have dealt with their previous relationship issues.

• Have spent enough time alone to get over their breakups.

• Have friendships that have lasted a couple of years.

• Are interested in you and what you do.

• Have space for you in their lives for you and can balance their personal and work life.

• Are positive and optimistic about live.

• Have a sense of humour.

• The computer should not be their friend, just something they use.

• Can constructively resolve conflict.

• Can be angry and express their anger appropriately.

• Have outside interests.

• Healthy emotionally, physically and spiritually.

• Likes their job.

• Can be flexible and don’t need to control everything.

• Keeps the plans they have made.

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