Guys: 15 Tips to look Sexier to Women!

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Guys 15 Tips to look sexier

You only get ONE chance to make a first impression – that is why it’s called a first impression!

Singles are instantly judgemental – snap decisions are made on that first impression. Unfortunately style matters the most when you first meet.

You might say – ‘take me as I am’. But how you present yourself can be the difference between getting a date or not. Don’t dress for yourself, dress to make an impression and to impress the opposite sex.

Did you know that only 3% of a first impression is made up of what you say. 97% is made up of body language, how you dress, and your confidence. So how you present yourself is CRUCIAL and something you have control over.

Style doesn’t’ have to cost a lot of money and you don’t need the wardrobe of David Beckham to make a good impression.

Just like any other occasion you have to start by thinking where you are going; whether it is in the daytime or at night time; doing something active or going to a high class restaurant. You wouldn’t wear a suit bowling – but you already know that. So dress for the occasion and always go in favour of over dressing.

Take a look around at guys who are successful with women and life in general and observe what they wear. Another easy tip is to go to a men’s store and get fashion advice from the sales assistants – they generally know what is looks good.

This picture shows EVERYTHING you should AVOID!

Men how to look sexier

Adam Sandler is a good looking guy, who has sex appeal! But if he turned up to a date like this- he wouldn’t get a 2nd date! This photo is the perfect example of what NOT to wear on a date!

Here you see old man jeans, short sleeved shirts over t-shirts, Velcro sandals, dark socks with sneakers and poorly fitting shorts.

I won’t tell you exactly what to wear but here are some basic tips:

  • Well fitted clothes are ESSENTIAL to create a good first impression and are the key to making you look GREAT. Clothes that are too big or too small do not flatter you or present you in the best light. Even in the case where you are overweight the same rules apply. You may think you are overweight and baggy looks better but this is NOT the case. Ditch the baggy t-shirts/shirts and go for a well fitted variety. Never wear jeans/trousers that are too long or too short.
  • Invest in a good pair of jeans, that fit you. When you try on the jeans have a look at how they fit you from behind. How your bum looks in jeans MATTERS. Saggy arsed jeans don’t flatter you.
  • Don’t wear light denim jeans – always wear dark denim as they will make you look taller, slimmer and give you a streamline look.
  • Get rid of the ‘old man jeans’ (pictured below) they do not flatter you. Don’t fall into the trap of staying with a style/era you were comfortable in. Stay away from thick gold chains and tucked in t-shirts. Harry high pants never looks good!!!

These 2 are NO!

harry high pants

old man jeans

These 2 are a YES!



  • NEVER wear white socks unless you are at the gym!
  • Do not wear dark socks and sneakers with shorts like shown in the Adam Sandler photo. It is a TERRIBLE look. Here is a great photo with some examples of what shoes to wear for each occasion.

what shoes to wear for each occasion

  • Never wear a short sleeved business shirt, they are not a good look. Buy a long sleeved shirt and roll the sleeves up if necessary.
  • Shoes matter – invest in a good pair of shoes. Everyone can tell a cheap or poorly looked after shoes. Get the best you can afford, this is an area women will judge you in. Make sure you don’t wear scuffed or worn shoes and always polish your shoes before going out. NO chunky shoes – they stand out like a sore thumb. No socks and sandals or Velcro sandals.
  • Make sure your clothing is clean and ironed. This may sound simple but it matters.
  • Get rid of worn clothing.
  • Don’t go out in a football top, unless you are going on a date to the football!
  • Women look at shoes, teeth, hands and heights. So make sure your shoes are clean, your teeth are white, your hands are clean and you have great posture.
  • Invest in a good watch; avoid jewellery – especially chunky chains.
  • Get a good hair cut – again don’t get stuck in an era. Avoid bad hair dyes – the George Clooney look  is sexy. Comb overs are not sexy – the ‘shaved head look’ is much sexier. Wigs are NOT sexy either and finally don’t put too much product in your hair.
  • Invest in a good aftershave – smell matters. But don’t wear too much aftershave or cheap aftershave!

As always happy  dating.

Deb xxx

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