Guys some advice to stop girls flaking on you!

By 26 December, 2016 Advice for Men, Blog

Guys how often have you been doing well with a girl only to have it fizzle out without warning?

You meet her, you were flirting and laughing, you got her number and she was keen to catch up with you. You were sure you would meet up with her on the weekend but when you contact her she says she is busy, then all you get in reply to your text messages are one word answers!

What happened?

She flaked on you!

One of 2 things:

  1.  She wasn’t that into you. She may have had a good time in the moment but she’s just not feeling the spark needed to see you again. I know this may seem confusing but I want you to know it is NOT personal. She may have liked you as a person, both girls and guys will get on with people who they can’t necessarily see themselves dating. DON’T take this personally.
  2. Loss of momentum. The excitement of meeting someone new is awesome but can wear off if you don’t do something to keep it going. No texting or boring messages will cause the attraction to fade. The more the momentum fades the more she stops picturing you as the awesome guy she liked and you will just be another guy she vaguely remembers giving her number to.

There is not much you can do with the 1st one but you can do a lot to stop the 2nd one happening!

You need to keep the momentum going if you want any chance of meeting her again!

To keep the momentum going you have to keep the ball rolling.


The best way is through text messages and phone calls. You have to learn to use both to your advantage.

In the digital age it means making contact asap after getting her number!  Ok I can hear you guys say I am wrong on this one!

But seriously trust me I am not.

A lot of you guys think you need to apply the 3 day rule – which is not contacting for a minimum of 3 days. Your logic is that you will show you are confident and not overly desperate.

But seriously guys this does not work in the world of instant messaging. You also run the risk of someone else capturing her attention. For more information read – How long do I wait to text/call.

I assure you if she is interested she will respond and if she isn’t 3 days won’t magically make her interested. Remember the first point above!

If a girl had an awesome conversation with you she would want to continue it and she also would assume you want to do the same thing!

So what you need to do is send a quick text – a short, fun message that gauges how interested she is in talking to you.

Remember if you have met a girl in a pub she may have given her number to a couple of guys so the sooner you message her the less likely you are to melt into a blur of all the other guys she has met!

Have a fun conversation  with her and end with ‘I’ve got stuff to do, but I wanna keep talking to you. I’ll call you a bit later?’

Then make sure you follow up with a call.

Remember long periods of no contact KILL momentum.

When you do call her make DEFINITE plans for a date. Don’t suggest hanging out or ask her what she would like to do!!

Say to her ‘Let’s go to the Raffles this Friday at 8pm’.

This shows you are confident and women love a guy with a plan. Also having a definite time and place to meet means she’s less likely to flake!

Happy Dating.

Deb xxoxx


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