A Guy’s Experience of Speed Dating – it wasn’t so bad!

By 29 February, 2016 Advice for Men, Blog

OMG I did it, I booked into speed dating on Tuesday!

Why was this so different? Well as I have done in the past, I could have spent hours looking through profiles, swiping left or right and chatting with the old worn out keyboard of my pc. Then there would be a long drive to meet someone who looks like their mothers older ugly sister or meet someone who had a charisma bypass! All of this for one date! It is a drawn out process that often comes with little success. Even if I have like them, they could still might reject me after dinner and a glass of wine.

So, I heard about speed dating – a place where I could meet  15 women in one place with 6 minutes to impress!!

‘OMG are you shitting me?’

What do I wear? What do I say? Shower, shave and make sure I smell nice. Damn it, I sound like a girl!!


I spoke to one of the women at work. Her advice was cheesy lines in the bin. AC/DC t-shirt a no go! WTF! Ha a possible reason for too many failures before. Apparently if a woman makes the effort to get dressed for a night out the….so should I!

Yep Venus and Mars I guess I can hear it now. I was told to take the time to look at her, she is competing too, show her the respect of noticing she is your next date. SMILE and make eye contact!

So now it is date night!!

Yep still crapping myself!

Surprisingly it was good! A relaxed environment with 14 other guys, name tags on chest, lined up for a life changing experience!! Or not, ha, ha!! Oh and some very attractive women, and yes all in the same boat!

I did my due diligence, but it was easy and they were genuinely happy for me to sit and chat. A little effort and it did feel good to know I tried harder than the others to impress.

The chats were easy, sometimes laugh out loud funny, sometimes I just wanted to listen and they wanted to listen to me.

Damn it’s now yes and no time. But whatever I had fun, it was on equal terms and if you are wondering I did get a match or two.

The first meet up with one of my matches was like a second date with a friendly face and we already had things to talk about to kick off a great night.

Why am I telling you this? Because I got asked to tell my speed dating experience! Have to admit I even enjoyed the recollection. I would do it again hands down! Oh and it beats internet dating and I didn’t have to buy 15 diners!!!

Article written by recent speed dater who would prefer to remain anonymous!

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