Guys time to learn how to Communicate online!

By 8 February, 2017 Advice for Men, Blog

To be successful with online dating you need to know how to communicate online! This will make all the difference in how successful you are!

I am horrified by what some men say in online arena and so are most single women.

Here is an example of what a guy did when he didn’t hear back from a girl he sent a message to. This is a daily occurrence for many women online!

This approach will get YOU nowhere and is totally unnecessary. Guys you would be surprised how often women are abused online and why they are reluctant to do online dating.

There should be ONE simple rule for the online dating world –  if you wouldn’t say it in person then DON’T SAY IT online!

A revealing Reddit feed has exposed the worst comments, pictures and behaviour women have received from men online.

The feed, which asks “Girls of reddit! What is the creepiest thing a guy has sent you on social media?”, has received 758 comments in under 24 hours describing a variety of online abuse including hate speech, online stalking and identity theft, across an array of online platforms such as Facebook, YouTube and online gaming.

The other thing you need to know when you are sending  messages online is that they do not come across the same way as if you were communicating face2face!

Body Language accounts for 55% of the overall message you are trying to get across!

  • Words (the literal meaning) account for 7% of the overall message
  • Tone of voice accounts for 38% of the overall message
  • Body Language accounts for 55% of the overall message

Online the person is unable to read your body language and understand the meaning you are conveying. Therefore it is important to work on your online communication! For comprehensive tips read 11 Proven Ways to be Successful at Online Dating.

My 4 top tips are:

  1. Don’t take online dating personally. Women are often overwhelmed by male contact online, receiving hundreds of messages that become impossible to reply to.
  2. Don’t be impatient when someone doesn’t reply to you. People are busy and may not be online as often as you are.
  3. Keep your communication light hearted and fun. When you do this you are way more likely to get a date!
  4. There is a balance – have a bit of a chat with a girl first and build connection before asking her out. But don’t talk forever and fail to ask her out.

Happy dating.

Deb xx

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