Hatfishing – Why It Doesn’t Work

By 19 November, 2020 Advice for Men, Blog

Hatfishing – What are you hiding under that hat?

Dating can be perilous, with a whole host of tricks up people’s sleeves to deceive other singles. Although the good news is most of the common lies singles tell are more about slight misrepresentations to get a date.

Thanks to online dating, you are able to ‘meet’ more people that you wouldn’t usually come across yet the decision on who to date is often only based on their photographs! Which leads to superficial choices.

This is where ‘hatfishing’ comes in! Hatfishing is when a person hides their baldness under a hat in photos on dating sites. Men do this to get a date as they realise just how superficial  online choices are.

Research suggests 16% of people who suffer from baldness or thinning hair are guilty of hatfishing. In their profile pictures they cover up the lack of hair with a hat!

Hatfishing doesn’t work!


Because people don’t like being lied to! The reality is it is not about your thinning hair but the deception. Women prefer a man who confidently owns and accepts who he is. That is sexy!

40% of women would stop seeing someone if they were ‘hatfished’, so it’s best, to be honest from the start. And it is one of those lies that is impossible to sustain!

It can prevent you from getting matches, as women see the hat as a sign that you could be hiding something!

Oh, and to be honest often the hat doesn’t actually make you look better.

I have several real-life stories of coaching men where this was the case! They thought hatfishing would work, yet they weren’t getting any matches. Meeting them I could see why, as they looked so much better without their hats. When they changed their photographs they got results online!

Guys, I know that you do this to get a date and get in front of the women to win her over with your charm, yet it doesn’t work. The number one thing all singles HATE is being lied to as it is not a great sign of a healthy relationship.

What you Can Do

Guys if you are suffering from baldness don’t fall into the trap of combovers or weird hairstyles. Own the baldness – it is meant to be a sign of virality and is more common than you think. Here are the stats – by the age of 35, approximately 66 per cent of men will have experienced some degree of hair loss. By the age of 50, approximately 85 per cent of men will have significantly thinner hair.

I recommend that you own it and shave your head. Believe it or not, women do find this sexy, along with the confidence to accept yourself as you are! Just think of the Rock or Vin Diesel!

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