How to Write the Perfect Dating Icebreaker

By 2 August, 2019 Blog, Dating Tips

How to write the perfect dating icebreaker

Dating can be tough and sending the perfect first icebreaker message is the key to success.

It can be hard enough to get a match  so when you do it is important to stand out with the message you send for all the right reasons.

Especially when men are only getting a match between 1% and 23% of the time!

Although with apps like Bumble where women make the first move it is not all about men sending the perfect message – it is a skill women need too.

Also research has found that  90% of singles are bored online? 

That’s why it is important to stand out and it’s easier than you think with the perfect icebreaker.

To help you out I am going to give you  fun conversation starters. But before I start I want to you give a few tips.

It is important to be yourself and be genuine. Every woman and man for that matter  likes someone who can make them laugh. So make them laugh and lose the serious questions. As well as the questions that are just blah – like what do you like to do on the weekend! This question is too loaded in judgement if you don’t like what the other person does.  Oh and stay away from mentioning anything how good looking they are, everyone uses this and remember you want to stand out for the right reasons.

Here are 5 sure fire ways to connect

1. Ask something  specific from their profile

Read the other person’s profile and take the time and effort to comment on something they have written. Stay away from the copy and paste type messages as they can be easy to spot.

Taking the time to do this demonstrates that you are interested in them, not just their photo!

Here are some examples:

  • If they have mentioned Netflix you could use –   Your profile got me laughing out loud, which comedy is up next on your Netflix queue?’  or ‘I just binge watched Peaky Blinders and loved it, what is your secret binge watch pleasure?’
  • If they are into books, try ‘What was the last book you read without skipping through anything?’
  • If they have mentioned skiing, try ‘Skiing is so much fun, the first time I tried it I spent more time falling over than a 6 years old. I have never laughed so much. Don’t worry, nowadays I can manage to stay upright. Where do you like to ski?

2. Travel is a fun topic for an icebreaker

Travel is such a fun topic that you can use.


  • “I just got back from the US. Such a different world. What’s on your Bucket List?” 
  •  ‘You were just given the opportunity of a lifetime: to pack a bag and leave tonight for a trip to anywhere of your choosing. Where do you go?”

3. If you love music, this is your icebreaker

If music is your thing then try –

  • ‘It’s cool you love concerts too. What’s the best one you have been to? ‘
  • ‘It’s awesome that you like the Foo Fighters, have you ever seen them live?’

4. Icebreaker for Food Lovers

Did you know that women respond to messages about food? In fact, they are 40% more likely to respond to messages that get them craving something delicious, and that makes food a great conversation starter!

For foodies you can say –

  • ‘Fellow foodie here, if you could eat one meal for the rest of your life, what would it be?’  or ‘Bacon, pancakes or chocolate for breakfast?’  or
  • ‘If you had to give up chocolate or coffee, what would it be?’  or
  • What’s  one item do you always have in your fridge?’

5. Random Icebreakers 

Here are some more random icebreakers to ask:

  • The all-important alcohol question- ‘Red or white/beer or cider?’ or ‘Gin, Vodka or Tequila?’
  •  “And how are you spending your day? Netflixing, causally sippin’ on something alcoholic, or out on an adventure?”
  • ‘ If you had to choose one, which would it be – Shark diving, bungee jumping, or sky diving?
  • ‘What has made you laugh until you cried?’
  • ‘Name one thing that you just couldn’t live without?’
  • You could go with a random sports rivalry question, although this one is quite common – ‘Dockers or Eagles Supporter?’


It is important to read the person’s profile to see which type of question best suits their interests and yours so that you are natural. Take the time to have fun with it, you will get a way better outcome and it won’t be as painfully tedious or boring! Research has also found that if you use a GIF the person is more likely to respond to you online.

I hope you have found these tips useful and remember if you want some support, that is what we are here for. Just send me an email at

Debbie xxoxx

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