Internet Dating Profiles – What to Avoid and What to Include

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During my internet dating trial I read hundreds of dating profiles. Some stood out and made me want to meet the person; others stood out and made me not want to meet the person and others were just bland.

Your online profile is your one chance to sell yourself so you need to write the best one possible.

Here are some pointers from my observations:


The first thing people will see is your photograph, so make sure yours makes a positive/real impression.

  • Profiles with photos do better than a profile without a photograph. The photo you chose is very important. Make sure it is recent, looks like you and is a good photo. There is no point choosing a photo that doesn’t look like you; you have to actually meet in person so there is no benefit in  posting a photo that doesn’t look like you.
  • Don’t take the photo from too far back – you can’t actually see what you look like.
  • Try to include a full length photograph.
  • I do seriously question what some people were thinking when they posted their photos. Some are just terrible and do not create a positive impression.
  • Don’t post a photo wearing sunglasses – the eyes tell a lot about a person and it is also difficult to tell what you look like. Unless you have more than one photo without your sunglasses.
  • Wearing a hats – it is hard to tell what you look like with a hat on and my first thought is what are you hiding! Of course again you can include some with hats and some without.
  • Some photos made me laugh. I can’t count the number of photos I saw where the guy is holding a fish or sitting on his motorbike!
  • Girls – sexy pictures create a certain impression of what you are looking for. If that is all you are looking for fine, but if you are looking for a relationship change the look. A sexy photo may get you a lot of attention, but not necessarily the right kind!
  • Girls – smile in your photo. Research shows that men are more attracted to women who smiles.
  • Men – don’t look mean or grumpy in your photo it is off putting. Believe it or not research shows that women are more attracted to men who don’t smile. However, there is no need to look grumpy or mean!

Tag Line

When people are looking through hundreds of profiles the second thing they will see is your tag line, so make it good. Try to write something that is different and stands out. But also make it something that reflects you and your ‘personal brand’. The best tag line, or should I say my favourite one was – ‘I love rollercoasters’. It made me want to find out more about the guy, which is just what you want someone to do.


The profile tells people about you. In my opinion the perfect profile leaves you wanting to know more.

  • Spelling mistakes, poor grammar and not enough white space put people off. Take the time to do your profile – use spell check and get someone to proof read it for you.
  • Some profiles contain way too much information and seriously make me lose the will to continue reading them. The information should be used to show the person a little bit of what you are like, it shouldn’t’ be your resume or your life history.
  • No information in your profile or very little information could give the impression that you really couldn’t be bothered.
  • When you write your profile don’t write what you think people want to hear. What you write here creates the impression of you and can be the deciding factor of whether someone contacts you or not.  I read hundreds of profiles where singles said they loved the beach and trips down south. It made me wonder if they actually liked these things or just thought it was something they should include in their profile!
  • A sense of humour is always a good thing to show in your profile; but again if you are not naturally funny don’t force something you aren’t.
  • Have you ever read an ad for a house for sale, where the ad says renovators delight? Translation – the house is a wreck. A lot of what people write in their profiles reminds me of the house for sale ad. For example where a person says they love a quiet night at home – does this mean they are boring and never want to go out? Of course if you are boring and never want to go out it is a good idea to let people know! Also avoid saying you have been single by choice for years, as people may read this as nobody wants you!
  • A good profile really should include something that catches the persons attention –  a hook!

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