Kissing and Smell – The Secret to Attraction/Compatibility?

By 16 July, 2019 Blog, Dating Tips

Kissing and Smell do these two things hold  the Secret to Attraction/Compatibility?

Attraction is a mystery on so many levels!

But did you know that how someone smells and how they taste when you kiss  them is a big factor in working out if you are attracted and compatible?

Because it is!

There is growing evidence that your sense of smell gives you clues about genetic and romantic compatibility!


Your sense of smell plays a huge role in attraction.

Let me get geeky and scientific for a minute! The Reticular Activating System (RAS) is a small part of your brain whose job is to filter billions of pieces of information that bombard  you everyday.  The RAS looks for things that match your patterns, beliefs, values and ways of thinking. It will filter out anything that doesn’t match, only allowing what does.

Except smell!

Smell is your most primitive sense and the only one that

bypasses your brain’s filtering processes.

Smell is often underestimated but it is actually one of the most important senses. It helps you by keeping you safe from food that has gone off and alerting you to any dangers  like fire or gas leaks. Smell is linked to memory, emotions and dealings with other people letting you know to get closer or stay away. Also, when it comes to food, a lot of what you think of as taste is really smell!

The underlying belief behind smell and attraction is that you somehow chose someone whose immune is compatible to yours. the purpose is to prevent inbreeding and makes babies that are as strong as possible.

T-Shirt Smell Test

In 2002 there was the famous t-shirt smell test where they got the men to sleep in a t-shirt for a period of time. The t-shirt was put in a box and the women sniffed the t-shirt and chose the scent that they liked the best. Sound gross! The results were that the women  liked the smell of  the t-shirt belonging to the person whose immune system was the most different!

I often think of trying Sniff Dating! My question is, would rejection based on smell be easier to take?

Many standard surveys have also found that smell and scent matters. Ok Cupid found that   81% of members say that a potential mate’s smell is important! In a Dare2Date Survey of What Perth Singles really think, we also  found that 81% of people  where put off by someone who  smelt bad.


Kissing is a lot of fun but it also serves another purpose!

Believe it or not kissing is also a taste and smell test.

And no that isn’t simply about bad breath.

I want to let you know about some research carried out by Oxford University where they found kissing provides important information. When you kiss someone you are subconsciously deciding if you want to be with them. That kiss transmits so much information about  taste, smell, sounds and touch and will determine  if you want to do it again. In fact, a US survey of 1000 college students found that 66 percent of women and 59 percent of men were no longer attracted after they kissed!

Researchers found that when you kiss someone you can pick up on a certain type of scent that is linked to the person’s DNA.

Good kissing is a sign that you will have healthy children and is all to do with that DNA.  Also, some women give off a scent when they are ovulating that men taste when they are kissing. It is subconscious but it turns men on.

Kissing really is a way to find out if you are right for each other. But apart from the science behind it, kissing is a lot of fun. It really is one of the best things you can do!

The scientific research on smell and kissing backs up what you may already know, that attraction is a mystery and deeply unique to each person.

No algorithm/formula

There isn’t an algorithm/formula to who will chose who, which makes it all the more fun to work out!

Maybe that is why you have to kiss a lot of frogs to find your prince/princess! As there isn’t a standard pheromone to make you attractive to everyone. What smells sexy to you, will smell bad to the next person. But remember, there is someone out there for everyone.

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