Ladies be Magnetic to Love: 11 Tips to Connect to your Feminine Side

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To be magnetic to love you need to connect to your feminine side and I have 11 tips to help you do so.

Why do you need to be more feminine?

To revolutionize your dating life and attract the right guy.

Everyone has a mix of masculine and feminine in them and polar opposites attract. If you are a very masculine woman you will attract a more feminine man and visa versa.

To describe how this works think of a magnet. If you try to push together 2 north poles or 2 south poles you can’t – they actually repel each other. If you are  operating in your masculine energy you will repel a masculine man.

If you are a successful woman the chance is you have had to rely on your masculine side. You then find yourself operating with a high level of masculine energy.

This will put off the strong guy that you want to attract. But don’t worry though, I have the answer for you – to embrace your feminine energy!

First let’s look at what it means to be masculine or feminine.

Masculine energy is fuelled by the desire to dominate, take control or conquer. Motivated by achievement, the masculine likes to compete and control.  Thinking logically and in a linear focused way, there is success in victory.

In contrast, the feminine energy appreciates the process as much as the outcome, values personal connection and insists on the qualities of beauty and joy in every aspect of life. The feminine will always choose co-operation and kindness over competition and aggression.

If you are looking to attract a strong man than it is time to embrace your feminine side and energy!

To find out more about feminine energy read  How to be Feminine and How to Win Over a Man.

Did you know you can choose when to be more masculine or feminine and I am going to share with you the secret to connect to your feminine side.

11 Tips to connect to your feminine side

  1. Take time for YOU
    Relax – it is time to let go and be in the moment. Taking time for yourself will connect you to your feminine side. It is time to think about pampering yourself and the first step is to get rid of your to-do-list and prioritize yourself for once. Get rid of distractions, like technology and take the time to enjoy a sunset, get a massage, read a book or meditate. Meditation is a great way to let go of your thoughts and it only needs to be as little as 5 mins to start with. Soak in a bath – water is a great way to connect with feminine energy. Get in the habit of taking some time for yourself every day – pick your favourite way to relax and do it. This could be reading a book, listening to music and simply enjoying the moment.  Do something once a week that makes you feel like a woman.
  2. Connect with Nature
    Get outside and into nature, whether it is the mountains, the ocean, rivers, forests, parks. Walk with bare feet on the grass and lie on the ground. This will ground you and connect you to your feminine energy. It is a great way to switch off.
  3. Get Moving
    Moving will get you out of your mind and into your heart. Get moving and you will connect with your feminine side. If you have been stuck at an office desk all day – you need to get your body moving. Go for a walk on the beach or a park, do a yoga class or dance – even if it is only in your underwear at home. Feminine energy is activated by movement.
  4. Receive
    Feminine energy is receptive and is one of the most important traits of being feminine. By receiving love/energy/attention your feminine energy is filled up. You do this when you accept a compliment or someone’s help, men especially love to help. Allow yourself to receive!
  5. Get Creative
    Feminine energy is creative. The quickest way to get in touch with your feminine side is to get in touch with your creative side. Don’t get hung up on thinking that you aren’t creative because everyone has something they can do. So take the time to experiment with what works for you. You could write, dance, paint, cook, bake, take fun photos, redecorate, entertain, garden, crochet or dream new ideas! The colouring in book craze is a great way to get in touch with your creative side. To be creative is to let go of perfection and control of the final outcome. You just need to focus on expressing yourself!
  6. Surround yourself with beauty
    Get rid of clutter in your home and make your living space beautiful. Do this by filling it up with all your favourite things that delight your senses and your spirit. Fresh flowers, plants, lovely pictures.
  7. Express yourself
    Feminine energy is about vulnerability and feelings. Learn to share in an authentic, vulnerable way and you will be connected to your feminine side. Feminine energy is expressed through emotions – so it is important to be in touch with your feelings.
  8. Connect with other women
    To get in touch with your feminine side – spend time with other women. Feminine energy is all about building connection and there is nothing like the bond of friendship where you can truly be yourself.
  9. Live from your heart
    We are naturally feeling beings, but being busy can stop you from hearing the voice of your heart – the true source of your happiness. Reconnect by placing your hands on your chest and resting your awareness in this sacred space. Here, the mind’s constant activity will surrender to the heart’s calm clarity, leading you to live in greater faith and deeper love.
  10. Have Fun
    A woman who is happy, smiles, laughs, has fun and enjoys her life is truly magnetic.
  11. Being
    Being feminine is just going with the flow and being.  Think of it as instead of always trying to swim against the tide, you actually go with the flow. Everything instantly changes – instead of being exhausted and not getting anywhere you will be relaxed and get where you are going with ease. In this space you are connected to your feminine energy.

Debbie xx0xx


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